"Salsa" Remakes Exposed

I like that the announcer uses the proper name for the style of music that Ray Baretto composes. Don't you ;-)
It's so common in NY mambo and salsa to refer to the rhythm/form used that I can't see how it's notable in this example. Personally I find it interesting to know how songs are categorised.
I think it's terrible the way so much Cuban music is actually covers of tunes from NY and PR when the Cuban fans just don't seem aware of it.
He, he.... Of course Cuban people know and enjoy music from other countries.

Marifé de Triana - María de la O
Carmen Amaya - La bien pagá
Los Papines - María de la O / La bien pagá
I put the name of this song at the start of the thread, but speaking of Brazilian tunes, here are the videos:

Luiz Vieira - Menino de Braçanã

Ismael Rivera - Mi negrita me espera

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