Review of Danceegg (online video site)

Note: not connected with the site whatsoever. Very new site, so far the content is bachata only - but the front promises content for salsa and kizomba as well. Fairly barebones, but more than serviceable.

Despite the weird name, the site looks pretty excellent so far. Not ideal on the interface side, but definitely passable. I think it's run by Island Touch, the company of Ataca and Alemana (prob the most famous bachata couple).

$10 for a monthly subscription gets you unlimited access to 95% of the content. They also have a premium offering for $15, but there are (so far) very few videos which requires this.

  • Videos from a range of bachata couples. Most prominently featured: Ataca/Alemana and Le Tiguere (their "second in command").
  • Multiple levels, starting with very detailed breakdown of the different basic steps/figures in bachata. I've been looking ALL OVER for this, since unfortunately our local teachers never go into this much detail!
  • Some of the videos are sourced from DVDs, others are unique to the site.
  • Videos are NOT downloadable, meaning you need to stay with the site. Which is a business model that's gaining traction. Personally I prefer it to DVDs due to the ease of use.
  • No info on how often they plan to roll out new content

All in all it seems like solid value to me. I've watched a number of vids from Ataca/Alemana/Le Tiguere so far and they're all explained very well - Ataca is one of the better teachers in the dance community in general imo.

Unsure if I'll stay as a subscriber in the long run, really depends on the content they roll out.

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