Where to dance in Montreal?

I am planning on going to Montreal this weekend.
I am primarily an on2 dancer who loves salsa dura and latin jazz.

I was wondering if someone could give me the lay down of where to go to dance this time of the year.

Also, as a DJ, is there any good places to buy music within the city?

I will be there from Friday Oct. 19 - 22.

All feedback will be greatly appreciated.
Look for club 6/49 on Sundays from 8pm to about 11 pm. It is on Ste-Catherine street between Stanley and Peel.

They are the exception in that they only play jazzy style salsa from NY circa 1974-79. Gets kind of boring after a few weekends but if that is your bag, go for it.

The real party is at Cactus (st-Denis just south of Mont Royal) on Thursdays and Fridays and the Salsatheque (Peel just south of Ste-Catherine) on Sundays after 11 pm.
best place on saterday is (on of the best place in MTL):
Mocha Danse (Le)
Jeudi (21h30) et Samedi (15h30 - 19h30)
5175A avenue du Parc, Montréal * Plateau, 514-277-5575

also..this sunday is the salstar sunday social....this is a not to miss event that happen once a month in mtl...workshop with international dancer and social party after look at salstarsundaysocial.com for more info
Me too!


I'm going to be in Montreal from Sat night to Tuesday - also an on2 dancer (I can get by just barely on1).

I'm hoping to be out Sat and/or Sunday. Want to meet up? I'll be staying at the Sofitel - email is probably best bet though if you'd like...

Already here! and its AWESOME!

Sorry to say that I am already here.
But I will be trying to make it to the social tomorrow.

I was at Mocha Danse and it was the best place!

Troy and Jorjet are the nicest people as well.

If you were at Mocha Danse, I was the guy getting led by Jorjet, lol.

PM me sometime. Otherwise look for me on scene.

mtl dancing

Hi there hope its not too late.
check out Moka Dance on saturday and 649 on sunday.
Moka is on the afternoon and 649 is at night.
check salsamontreal.com there is a section where to dance you will find adresses there.

See u on the dance floor
A bunch of from Toronto are going to Salsaglam. We will be arriving on the 30th. Where can we go salsa on Sunday evening?

6/49 or Salsatheque is what I keep hearing. Which do you prefer and why? Thanks
GRx said:
A bunch of from Toronto are going to Salsaglam. We will be arriving on the 30th. Where can we go salsa on Sunday evening?

6/49 or Salsatheque is what I keep hearing. Which do you prefer and why? Thanks
Early sunday -let's say 9:00pm to 10:30pm should be spent at 6/49 if you do not mind dancing exclusibly NY jazzy style salsa. The crowd does On1 and On2 at about a 50/50 ratio.

For a seriously fun time most dancers migrate to Salsatheque (which is just around the corner) around 11:00pm There you can enjoy various kinds of salsa music plus some bachata, cha-cha-cha, merengue and one or two reggeatons.

I occasionally go to 6/49 but prefer Salsatheque because:
The staff is friendlier whereas 6/49 is always understaffed
Drinks are cheaper at salsatheque before midnight (about 50% compared to 6/49)
The DJ plays most types of music (the DJ at 6/49 only plays NY mambo from 1970 to 1978 and usually the same songs)
The DJ does take requests
Absolutely everyone asks you to dance whereas at 6/49 some days it is good but some days you better bring your own friends
There are definite cruising areas. At Salsatheque a girl gets cruised only if she sits alone at the bar. At 6/49 everyone who thinks they dance better than you will hit on you; sometimes while you are dancing.
Wow thanks for all the info!

I also heard there is something going on at Salon Daome for Sunday the 30th. Do you know anything about that?

Thanks again!
Montreal Update

Salsafolie will no longer be in the Old Port of Montreal during summer 2009.

They have moved to the "Bassin Peel", corner Peel and Wellington streets. (Sunday nights; May 31 to Sep. 20th, 2009; 4pm/midnight).

It's supposed to have free parking on the side streets, and partially covered outdoor dance floor in case of rain.

Radio listening: Every Saturday, from 1pm to 5pm, the radio show "La Rumba du Samedi" plays on 89.3 FM. (Salsa, bachata, merengue songs.)
Last post on this seems to be a couple of years old, so wondering if there's any changes or new recs for places to salsa (on1 or on2) especially on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday nights? Thanks!
I'm planning on being in Montreal at the end of Feb this year. Any recommendations? We're there from Wednesday night through to Sunday morning. Myself and my wife dance both on1 and on2 and lean more towards NY style though can cope with most other styles.
Thanks in advance

Wednesdays Mercredis Salsa Zouk Social (9:00 pm - 1:00 AM)
Espaces des arts 9 Ste-Catherine East, 2nd Floor, suite 101, Montreal
(DJ is ok but expect a lot of Zouk)

Thursday Salsalicious (9:00 pm - 1:00 AM)
The Warehouse 4119 boul. Saint-Laurent , Montréal
(Music is below average, IMO)

Friday Caroline Paré (9:00 pm)
Caroline Paré Dance school 215 Jean-Talon Ouest
Caroline is a known student of Eddie Torres (and one of the classiests schools), if you are looking for NY style this is the place to be.

Saturday Moka socials (4:00 pm - 08:00 pm)
Espaces des arts 9 Ste-Catherine East, 2nd Floor, suite 101, Montreal
This is the most popular place to be for Salsa
(Music is good)

Sunday 6/49 (9:00 pm - 03:00 pm)
649 1112 st Catherine corner peel
This used to be the hot shots hangout, it took a plunge in the recent years but now there's an attempt to revive the place.

All in all, unless you find the 'Old gang', Montreal is not a NY style place to be. It's mostly Salsa On1 dancers.

I'm looking forward to hear your impression about your experience.


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