What I'm listening to right now...

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Thanks for posting :) - I'm still under 10 posts so can't.
As strictly a Casinero, this is definitely my style of music to dance to. I've also been lucky enough to catch JG a few times live in Havana - great performer and really gets the crowd going!
I figured you couldn't post links yet. I've never seen his band live. He went up on stage during a En Niño y la Verdad concert at CDLM Miramar once when was there but that's all I've seen of him live.

I am listening and watching authentic mambo dancing by Roberto Roena and Anibal Vasquez who was one of the Mambo Aces dancing mambo in the Palladium, this Mambo they are dancing is called "La Perfecta". The number the band is playing is called Ponte Duro.


Some kids copied the style of Anibal Vasquez one of the orginal Mambo Aces..They say that Vasquez was the originator of the so called four corner Mambo called La Perfecta.

My Sun. morning quartet...

Grupo Raices..2 songs
Que viva la salsa & Saludando ( great montuneando )

Saoco ( Henry Fiol )..No me flores miseria
Santiago Ceron.. Juan Jose
I am listening to JLO Ain't it Funny, because of their excellent flamenco dancing which influenced Cuban dancing (rumba and son) heavily.

Her movements are based on the famous Carmen from Bizet, dancing, paso doble, fandango and more...


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