True or False?

I got this idea from David at ;) You say a statement and the next person either says true or false. The statement has to be directed at the person. ;)

I'll start... :p
Next person loves salsa dancing. :D 8)
True, I love it any time of the year. :D

Next person likes to take a walk. :p

Ok, now I need to go to bed (4:25 am). :oops: I got up so late so I never get tired. :lol: It's even light outside now... :roll:
False. No place to dance here except for the "last-sunday-of-the-month" social.

The next person is still a beginning dancer (less than 1 year).
False. Hate is a strong word... :lol: ,but I wouldn't say that I love it either. ;) It's good with a pause every now and then lol.

Next person loves Bachata. :D

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