This song it's a bachata or a bolero? (Entre sabanas blancas de Leoni Torres y Omi Hernandez)

Nice. I generally don't like bachata because it always makes me think of whinging teenagers but JLG is always good and the second song is pretty even though I only understand Descemer :)
JLG leans towards the more Modern / Popp-ish / not-traditional Bachata. But in this case, it's more Bolero than it is Bachata.

The 2nd song is some sort of a Bolero-Pop Fusion...(and it odes have sections in spanish! :p)
So this is bolero as well ? Again I would dance bachata... JLG has a lot of them
Bolero is one of the ancestors of Bachata. (The other two: Son and Merengue).

Bachata music usually has three "levels" of "energy":
-Derecho: Lowest "level", and the may remind one of Bolero.
-Majao (J is pronounced like an H): Medium. More emphasis on the percussion.
-Mambo: The most energetic one: Feels more Merengue-ish. A good indication it is the mambo section would be the guira, playing more rapidly.

Here are some Bachatas: Compare them to the Bolero you've posted. (and while at it: play a game of guessing when the music switched "levels"). :)



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