Super Mario, Super Moves 6 & 7

Another nice surprise! :)

Super Mario, Super Moves 6 & 7

Intermediate and Advanced Combinations only
Over 60 mins of BRAND NEW turn patterns
Techniques on how to lead them
Detailed explaination of followers steps
10 long Combinations
Bonus footage of Super Mario social dancing


:banana:Two DVD's for £35 In the post. Can't wait!:banana:
(this is not an ad)
The first one is like the introduction, covering copas, pizza turns etc. It starts getting very interesting after that. It is pretty much intermediate>advaned On1 from disc two and is like the dictionary of social dancing. What I liked is that there are pauses and instruction at just the right places. Actually, before replying to your post I watched a few again and realised how much I'm not doing. That would explain Mondays experience. :oops:

Does that help?

Wes, it took all of 2 seconds to decide whether to get 6 & 7 even with my crappy bank balance so I'd say go for it.
Thank you!
You confirm what I have been thinking, 'the social dictionary' of Salsa dancing, certainly in London but also abroad.

I know what I want for Christmas!
Sounds like a great deal until you convert it into $$'s.:-( I have #3 and #4, and think they're really good. But I've only learned a small fraction of the content so far.

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