Suggestions for salsa shoes to wear to clubs (with sticky floors, etc.)

I've been wearing character shoes with about a 1.5 inch heel since I started dancing, but they're getting pretty old now (5+ years). They've been working fine, but I'm considering investing in a more Latin-style shoe that's also hopefully a bit more fashionable. However, I'm worried about wearing a really nice ballroom shoe to clubs, where I dance the majority of the time. The floors are wooden, but they aren't in pristine condition.

Does anyone have ideas for a good type of shoe that would hold up to club floors, be comfortable after hours of dancing (provide decent arch support like character shoes, etc.)? I think I'd prefer closed toe shoes but am open to either. Are character shoes similar to Latin shoes?

Regular dance shoes with smooth leather soles instead of the brushed suede are good for slow floors. Jorge Nel Dance Shoes makes beautiful shoes to custom fit (you fax an outline of your feet) and they will put a leather sole on any shoe for an extra $10.

I used to have a pair of leather soled character shoes for slow floors and they worked OK but they weren't very flexible. The Jorge Nels are much better from that perspective, though the leather soles are never quite as flexible as the suedes.
By regular dance shoes, do you mean dance shoes that would be used for "Standard" dancing instead of Latin dancing? I can't find any of the typically strappy-sandal ones that have non-suede soles.
You might look at ballroom practice shoes -- similar to character shoes but there are more attractive options. I personally wear cheaper latin shoes (e.g. not a high end brand) for social dancing so that I don't feel bad when the soles get damaged from the bad floors. I choose a style that is more comfy for my feet and usually wear footie socks with them.

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