Sombrero back into Dile que no?

We are practicing a move called Sombrero and then trying to transition into Dile que no and into Guapea. I'm not sure of the timing or what my hands are doing in this. Right now they are fumbling around. Once in Sombrero, do I let go of the hand behind my neck first? Where does that hand go? On her hip? We can sort of do it but all a bit awkward. Do I step the same as the beginning of Dile que no or do an extra 8 count first?

We'd like to have all this down before the next class.

This is the sort of thing that is MUCH faster explained by your teacher in class than over the internet. I wouldn't stress over it between classes.

But since you ask, if you want to go directly from sombrero into dilequeno, it will typically look like this -- on 7, as you finish sombrero, you will drape your hands into the sombrero position (behind your neck and your partner's), then on 8 you will release both hands and drop them down simultaneously (left hand stays free or take's the woman's right hand; your right hand goes to her back) and on 1 you will execute the dilequeno as usual.
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Everything is the same timing.

However, no issue doing another full eight count, even a second eight count tied together if you get into a sombrero, weird pretzel, sententa entanglement or whatever and need a few seconds to think. Keep rotating around the follower and not standing on the spot. Just be sure to start coming out of sombrero after the 8 and not the 4.

Yes, release hand off your shoulder . As a fun alternative you can offer your free hand at waist level, turn her and then be back doing guapea.

If you have an opportunity to join into a Rueda this will really help with timing as you get swept up with the group. I've always had an issue with salsa timing and Rueda recallibrates me.
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