Seattle Salsa Congress 2016

Seattle Salsa Congress, Nov. 25 – 27, awesome lineup as usual! This year we’re having not only Terry and Cecile but also Maykel Fonts (first time in Seattle), in addition to Griselle, Eddie Torres and son, Rodrigo Cortazar, Juan Matos, Yamulee, Daniel and Desiree, etc. I’ll have to buy 3 days’ supply of popcorn to watch the follows scrum for dances with Terry. See you on the dance floor my fellow SFers!
The countdown begins.....looking forward to taking Maykel Fonts's workshop and meeting the SF folks (I think there might be 2 this year.). To all the SFers who couldn't make it this year, I am going to miss you guys.
this is the first time I'll be attending a salsa congress, I'm super excited.
I had the opportunity to be in Seattle for 2 months and I said, why not?

I'll be taking the Dream Workshops. It appears that will be 3 days of complete fun.
Any recommendations from you guys that had gone before the Seattle Salsa congress?

The only big concern that I have is that as I am staying in the city, I'll be all day in the hotel for the workshops and socials.
I'll be taking clothes in a bag back to change after workshops.

I appreciate your comments.
Hello GeorgeGDL, glad you're coming to the Seattle congress!
Yes, your concern is a legitimate one. I'm afraid your plan of staying in the city and waiting at the hotel between the workshops and the dancing may not be conducive to the best experience for your first congress. For each of the three days, you'll have to wait in the lobby about four hours until the shows start (including dinner time), and no possibility to shower and rest after the tiring workshops. I hope at least you have a car, because getting back to the city at night will be extremely inconvenient without one. I strongly recommend getting a room at the hotel, maybe at least Friday and Saturday if money is an issue. You can probably save a bit more by staying at a hotel nearby, there are plenty in the area (one right across the street). I promise you you'll be happy you spent that money for your sanity and comfort.

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