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I came across this article today. Looks interesting for anybody going to PR. Its in Spanish so I used Google translate to English.

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The route of salsa"

Tourism seeks to publicize the landmarks that served as a stage for outstanding salsa

The Tourism Company of Puerto Rico announced the creation of a new tourist route known as "The route of salsa" designed to raise awareness among tourists visiting the island and among Puerto Ricans themselves, those places emblematic that served as the stage for the leading exponents of this popular genre.

The executive director of the Tourism Company of Puerto Rico, Ingrid I. Rivera Rocafort, made the official announcement of the route, at the renowned Café Nuyorican Salsa Club in Old San Juan. It was designed by certified tour guide, Clemente de Freitas.
"This route is the answer to the interest of the large number of visitors, salsa lovers, who come to Puerto Rico looking for information about roots, history and trajectory of the exponents of this genre that so much glory have given to the Island" said Rivera Rocafort.
"This niche tourism will be of congratulations with this new tourism product consisting of guided tours to music performed by certified tour guides by the Tourism Company to discover the places where the fascinating history of Puerto Rican salsa originates," said Rivera Rocafort.

Some of the places comprising "The route of salsa" are the Placita de Santurce, the Placita of Salseros, the tombs of prominent exponents of salsa in the cemetery Villa Palmeras, Calle Cerra where the record store is located collectors salsa La Cerra Musical and murals Santurce is law. social meeting places where frequent the famous salsa musicians, the landmark of salsa Nuyorican Café, the National Foundation for Popular Culture at Fortaleza also visit the Sol Luna street and street folk song Hector Lavoe, Trastalleres sector, the birthplace of salsa singer Andy Montanez, among others.

Puerto Rico is internationally recognized for its great exponents of salsa, including salsa legends like Hector Lavoe, Ismael Rivera (El Sonero Mayor), Cheo Feliciano and others who continue his career as El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico stand out, Andy Montañez, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Ismael Miranda, Willie Rosario, Bobby Valentin, Roberto Roena, Richie Ray, Bobby Cruz, among many others. In the new generation talented artists stand as Pirulo and NG2, among many others that delight the world with his songs. "The route of salsa" seeks to recognize all the stars of the genre of salsa and Puerto Rico as a tourist destination.

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