salsa this tue in london

ok boys...and girls....
my flights on tue so bar salsa again?
anyone goin? flujo?andrew?
there's no salsa on tues in 'bar salsa' - it's brazilian night.

i'd say abacus in 'bank'

If you're using the underground take the 'waterloo and city line' one stop to bank from waterloo. This specific line closes early, so I've ended up getting a different tube line home.

It starts quite early for london. I've not been for ages but it was always busy - it's quite a party atmosphere.

Anyone been lately?
Haven’t been for a year or so myself – a shame as I’ve always enjoyed it.

Can’t make it this time, but have fun if you go Spencer.
Hehe, there aren't many SFers about at the mo so perhaps it would be good to do it another time...and your crew would have a much better time at Zoo bar. ;) The last more people were about. Amanda (though we missed her on the Wed) AndrewD, myself and even though you didn't get to cross paths SalsaGipsy came into London in that same month as well. It was good! :) There was the buzz from the NYC thing and a mini London meet too. Niiiice!
dayaaam!!! :) why do i miss the good times? lol
oh well,yeh id be comin in again next month for sure,i also have a couple hkg and sin flights next month too :)
now hopefully i can come on a salsa night and see u guys again! :)

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