Salsa platform for dance information worldwide

Hi guys,

I am the creator of a platform for Latin dancing named Latin Dance Calendar:

latindancecalendar . com

The aim of the website is to provide a consistent platform to share all the events, festivals, workshops and classes and any other Latin dance info from everywhere in the world (eventually).

We use a mixture of automation and submission / community to build information and now have over 70 cities with thousands of events. Our initial focus is on Australia, USA, Canada, UK and Asia but we should be moving into Europe and all other areas over the next year or so. We will be focusing on building more teams of volunteers on the ground for each city and will provide management and automated email systems to keep track of info.

The site has been running for over a year with 10s of thousands of dancers already using it to get weekly information.

The goal is to provide consistency across the world and to build tools to make it easier for dancers and organizers to interact and find information within their cities.

Hope you guys like it, I'm a senior software developer / salsa dancer and am always happy to hear suggestions about improvements. I work on this full time and plan to do so for as long as it takes. The things that are missing should come in over time and I believe that this model can work in scale for the world and millions of dancers. ( should hit 1 million views soon :) )

Scott @ Latin Dance Calendar

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