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If you have your dates, we can check sites like for events, but you won't go wrong at Salsa Caribe in Roppongi on Sun, Tues or Thurs-Sat. Friendly, welcoming, good music, high level on1. I absolutely love dancing there :). Wed I'd go to El Cafe Latino, 2 1/2 blocks away. May be a smaller crowd, but everybody dances with everybody; there's a welcome absence of snobbishness.

I haven't been for two years, so just assuming the dumb dance ban wasn't reinstated, restricting dancing after midnight. If Caribe's open, people will be there! MacMoto and Sunsoul can probably help more with bachata / special events. I don't recognise kizomba :D
I hope you had a nice time. I haven't been on for a while and I left Japan a few years ago. That site that azana mentioned is quite detailed. Just look for the bachata events. The main one in Roppongi used to be once a month. There were quite a lot of salsa parties at the weekend that tended to attract some good dancers. Look out for flyers in the clubs and bars..

Caribe is the best bet to get going for on1 dancers..

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