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Have you ever danced w/ someone that left you thinking about them afterwards, only to never see them again?

I was at the Sanctuary for the first time (I left this out of my "most memorable salsa moment" post) and my boy Ron stopped me and said "hey, that pretty sista over there in the black top wants to dance w/ you!" At first I thought he was just joking w/ me becaused it seemed like he was pointing me in the direction of another friend who came w/ us, and she just happend to be wearing black. I thought, "he's trying to get me to dance w/ her since she hasn't danced for a few songs." But then he pointed me to someone way across the room....there was this tall, purdyful (pretty + beautiful + southern accent = purdyful......sometimes using one word just doesn't say enough) light skinned girl standing across the room by herself :D At first I thought "Ron, stop playin'. She ain't really tell you to ask me to dance w/ her." But after seeing that no one was approaching her, I quickly made my way over there and asked her to dance. We danced for 1 1/2 salsa songs and a merengue.....She seemed to be just past the beginner level going into intermediate, and she didn't quite get the more complicated moves I did, but I still enjoyed dancing w/ her anyway. On a non salsa note, I was surprised by her personality. As a guy, you expect someone that fine to be a lil' bit stuck up or arrogant, but she was so sweet and humble w/ don't often find that in the same woman. Anyway, after the last song we danced she asked me my name again and said she was going to get something to drink. I told her to save me another dance later on. I figured, I'll let her chill for a second and get her number later after we dance again. Unfortunately, my ride was ready to go 2 songs later, and I wansn't able to find her before I left. I was like, "dang.....why'd I let her get away?!?!" Alexia, if you ever read this, I got another dance waitin' for ya.

Luv, Peace, and SALSA

Myron aka Rugkutta
Awww, RugKutta, I do hope she finds her way to your arms once again!

It has indeed happened to me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think there can ever be enough exclamation points to say how much I understand you my man!


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RugKutta said:
Have you ever danced w/ someone that left you thinking about them afterwards, only to never see them again?
One guy I danced with at SalsaMed festival parties in Spain -- whom I've been calling "my dream partner" ever since :lol:. I don't even know where he's from and am likely never to dance with him again, but he was sooooooooo smooth...

Also a guy I danced with in London at the Latin Splash after party. I hope he enjoyed dancing with me as much as I did.

And a guy I danced with in Edinburgh a couple of months ago. I haven't seen him again though I thought he was a local salsero. I've been looking for him ever since.

(Now I would like to stress that these crushes are strictly for dancing; I wouldn't consider any of these guys in any romantic light, but I would happily dance with them all night... if the original question is more about romantic crushes, I'm afraid I haven't met my dream man on the dancefloor yet :wink:.)
i have had a crush on my teacher since i started dancing about 18 weeks ago now

i see her every week and we talk
im only 14 though lol

when i dance with her
thats about 4-8 times a night
i just enjoy them dances VERY much
Yes, that happens to me also. Many times . . . :p

I wouldnt call it a crush. More of a strong mutual attraction.

When I go to congresses, I walk around and look for those ladies. You can always find those in any big salsa event!!
oh man... yeah... at salsa lessons this one girl that I had been liking for 2 years.. came for her first time! I saw her registering at the front desk and I stopped by to say hi and we danced... I was so happy... I wanted to be in a relationship with her so badly... but she's 17 and im 15 my next class with her is tomorrow (I HOPE) she's been hurting really bad lately and I feel really bad for her, I first saw this at school she was crying for the whole day.. I wanted to tell her something... but I just couldn't.. ever since my first dance EVER with her, I haven't stopped thinking about her for 3 days.. Im really usually crazy/hyper/funny/stupid etc with everyone but with her I turn red like a tomato and run out of things to say. We don't know eachother too well but still I want to be her friend and be there for her when she needs me... She's a senior and im a sophomore. do you all think I should ask her to dance if she feels all right?
I don't know if call it Crush... but not mutual attraction... much more dance attraction and intensity,,,

It happened to me a lot of time...
It's in my way of dancing lightly flirt with the partner... looking for her.

Travelling a lot to dance in new places, it happen sometimes to meet fantastic partners... and then loose every contact.

It's a nice sensation
its really kinda scary.. at least for me... once I start dancing and I really enjoy my self... then there's no stopping gonna be dancing all night with or without a partner lol :lol: and thats why I feel for this girl.. she's the 1st girl Ive asked out to dance :shock:
It happened to me a few times. Once I've had a "dance crush" on a guy, we danced all night together. Next time we met was one year later, we still remembered almost everything we said before :) An other time I danced a few times with un unknown guy, at the end he asked me whether I was a dance teacher (it was kind of cute :lol: :lol: ), we said we would meet next Sunday. Never saw him again.
Yes it has happened to me several times. It happened a couple weeks ago when I was in this rather clickish club in L.A. It was so hard to get a girl to dance b/c everyome knew each other and all the girls would be picked off before they even made it off the floor. Then this one beautiful girl sees me sitting there and comes and ask me to dance, and she was an awesome dancer. I've been waiting to see her again but have'nt yet :(
Lol..happens to me a lot... Uhm usually with beginers... But just recently I had a blast with this one girl and towards the end she asked "when I would be in town again." I didn't make much out of it at the moment and later did I realize that maybe she was hinting for me to ask her to meet up again which I didn'tpick up on..ahhhh.... Do you think? anyways, hopefully i'llsee her again...
I had a question: What should a guy do if you danced with a girl a couple songs and had a blast w/ chemistry and all....either: 1. a Thank you and goodbye 2. Invite her for a drink 3. Look for her later to ask her for her area code, etc...
karlosism.. Never THANK YOU AND GOOD BYE, except ur someone who luvs to live the feeling of thinking of someone all night hurts

just ask ..when will i see u again..if theres mutual chmestry.. he/she will prppably suggest another time..maybe next week..
or u might say.. now we've got to dance some time later..wuts ur foe number ** well a lil bit dunno u can call it rude,** :? but never ever let them walk away :(

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