salsa charts

Hi there,
Does anybody know some Salsa Charts web site?
I'm interested in some fresh new songs... to be with goos rhythm, and to be cool for the choreography
Oh yeah

I aggree with the salsa dancer above. lol

Quick question...

Do you think I'll get in trouble if I link a sound sample to every song on my salsa lists?

I want to but I don't know if it's legal or not.

I got people worldwide requesting the service to the point of stalking! HELP!
I'm guessing if you just put up short samples (perhaps at a low quality setting, which will also help speed up downloading for those on dial-up) then the worst that might happen is that you might be requested (by a record company, lawyer, etc.) to take some of them down immediately and if you comply nothing more will happen.

But that's only a guess... :D

Charts without samples are of much less use than those with.

El Caobo

Son Montuno
Re: Yes!

irMaxSALSA said:
That is so cool to hear.

Now I have to figure out how to record the sound samples and get them up on the web. lol

I'll figure something out.

Kudos on your Salsa charts!

Although tastes in music are very subjective, I found that I agreed with the majority of the songs you include in your lists. Please tell me though, how did you come up with the lists?

Purely personal preferences, or was there some other methodology?

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