RIP Azzey aka John Looker, one of the biggest contributors to Salsa Forums

Please forgive the posting of non-salsa related information on this page mods. I am writing to pass on very sad news about a member of this forum who was extremely active and who will be very well known to many dancers in the UK and especially to salseros from Scotland.

John Looker, or Azzey as he was known on this forum, passed away around a week ago. This seems to have come out of the blue and we do not yet know the details of what happened. His family only found out today.

He was a popular both personally and on the dance floor and will be sorely missed.

Anyone wishing to know details of any arrangements please feel free to get in touch and I will try to forward them once they are confirmed.

My thoughts are with John's family and friends at this sad time.

PS- Lastly mods - whilst i don't know the policy here, I would ask that we consider keeping John's posts on the site as I'm sure that's what he would have wanted, and because they are likely to be a good resource for others.
I'm shocked to hear this. Very sad news. Although I didn't know him personally, he was a friendly forum member, always helpful and really informed about salsa.

My condoleances to all forum members, friends and his family.
RIP Azzey


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Thank you for letting us know, SirDancealot. He certainly deserves the tribute here.

I'm devastated. Lost for words.

RIP Azzey - you will be missed enormously.
I am extremely saddened by this news. A class act in the community. I will always remember and cherish the great advice he has given to me over the years. He will be missed dearly.
I am so shocked and sorry to hear this. I had always hoped I'd get to Scotland one day and we'd have a chance to dance together. He was a great contributor to the forum and I expect in his local salsa scene as well :(
Oh, no! I didn't know him in person but on the forums he gave the impression of a young person full of energy and tireless in discussions and sharing his knowledge. And suddenly he is gone! Sounds surreal. I feel for his family and friends.
Life is so Fragile. I did not know Azzey personally, but I read his posts, and a lot of them are insightful for me. Thank you Azzey. Rest in peace.


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Whaaaat! I had no idea. As you know, I've known him since I was a beginner. I'm shocked. My thoughts are with his family. Please do let me know of any arrangements @SirDancealot - you know how to contact me.

With my moderator hat on, yes the wealth of knowledge he so generously shared with us here on Salsa Forums is a great asset to us. Rest assured that his posts will stay here.
This is such shocking and sad news :( I, too, was under the impression that he was young, so am shocked to hear he has passed away.

Had some great discussions with him over the years here on the forum, and had always hoped to meet him in person but the one time it almost happened (Edinburgh congress in 2014), he didn't make it.

As a tribute, here is the Salsa Roadmap he had created and which he was very fond of sharing, very useful resource for newbies and experienced dancers alike:

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