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Hadn’t heard about it...do you mean the Stanton trade?
Yep, plus several others under consideration . Apparently, they were under financed when purchasing the franchise and are having to sell to meet current expenses . I guess when you have a "star " as an owner , they seem to get a pass.
Oh! Derek Jeter scandal! As much as he earned, I never could quite understand how a player could afford to become an owner.

Most franchise's are around 800mil minimum so there are partners .

Funny thing is, they did the same thing a few years back and finished winning a W.Series !
It is very annoying for me when a photographer invades in my special dancing moment. I hate it. I noticed that photographers always make photos of me and one particular leader. They are probably following him.o_O


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I was at the supermarket in Santa Cruz (eastern Bolivia) buying some snacks and drinks, including a bottle of beer as I’ve been trying the different local varieties. The checkout guy stopped. “You’re only buying one bottle of beer?”he asked. “Are you sure? Just one?” The lady in the line behind me added “Yeah, and it’s just a small one, too!” I had to assure them that I did indeed only want one bottle!

btw so far I lke the Pacena the best :)

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