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Over 35 years after hearing house for the first time, I have finally warmed to a lot more of it*, though mostly relatively new material. I am finding though that I belatedly like quite a bit of 90s UK garage. I particularly like DJ Q (the Huddersfield one). But also I find myself like a high percentage of UK dance pop coming out right now. Lots of solid vocalists on that scene, too. I may come back later when I am not about to get ready for work and flesh this out some.

*In fact, this thread has some comments made back when I was mostly turned off by house.
I got into Heavy Metal as a Teenager,Still listening to metal but the style changed a litte. I prefer the more complex stuff now like meshuggah, Dream Theater, stuff like that.
I experienced intense Jazz saturation this past weekend at the annual NYC Winter Jazz Fest... a marathon of events with over 100 bands playing at ten venues downtown in the Village... the highlight for me was alto sax player Rudresh Mahanthappa, with 20-year old phenom Adam O'Farrill on trumpet ( son of Arturo O'Farrill, grandson of Chico O'Farrill ). Who said Jazz is dead?

I was introduced to this wonderful singer at the Elio Villafranca concert last Saturday night. Her name is Leyla McCalla. She sings, plays banjo and cello. A great talent and voice.

She sang this song at the concert.

Very impressed with this new rock band, and particularly this single, which has lots of different things going on (wow, that is vague):

Yes, I like a band called Wolf Alice. I don't name 'em, I just listen to them. (It's after a short story title.)

I don't like very much rock, for what that's worth. (Is that a good or bad reflection on something I do like?)

Here's a live one:

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