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Me too.. I grew up with the "giants "... Basie . Kenton , and the Bird-man,.and transitioned to Oscar Peterson and Brubeck to name a few ( there was a movie i just saw that, played Take 5 ) .

I also like Chamber and Classical Symphony, but mainly Baroque ( OK.. the 1st one that says " Obama ? " please leave the room ) .

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Some people here will know that I am a great fan of Brasilian music. Here is Leila Pinheiro, my favorite female vocalist from this very special country that is filled with more than a few great female vocalists. The track is called "Besame" and it has a little bit of Spanish "thrown in". The melody of this track is so great that it might send you to a magical dreamland - great night time music:

I'm working on finishing up the "Dial" review so I'm listening to that CD a lot, Mostly right now I'd like to share the highly excellent video/song "La culpa". These lyrics are sooooo good and I loev the guaguancó rock mix and even my 70 year old mother who doesn't speak Spnaish said she loves the video with the dancing, the colors and the harmonies in the voices...so if my mom likes it, you know you will too ;)

plus i got distracted by Andrés Suárez new song "Necesitaba una waltz para olvidarte" from the Live DVD that will be out on April 16. Been listening to it all day. It is the song that closes the circle on a relationship he had. He said at facebook that he can count on one hand the songs he wrote while crying or trembling and this is one of them.
What are they? It still amazes me that so many groups don't put their lyrics - in Spanish or English - online. I guess that's just a sign that so many music fans aren't interested in anything deeper than the melody.
I just figured people would understand the lyrics by listening to the song so I didn't post them. Buena fe publishes all of their lyrics both in the CD cover and on line. Since they are essentially a trova/nueva trova band the lyrics are paramount to them and their fans as well. I also have published nearly all of their lyrics at Timba.com. the lyrics to La Culpa are:

No tuvo culpa quien nos inventó el dinero
Ni el pobre chino que a la pólvora dio a luz
Ni la oratoria encumbrada de los griegos
Ni el carpintero de la tan famosa cruz
Ni aquella bala, de andar perdida
Ni los gusanos en la cosecha podrida
Huérfana culpa vuela sin dueños
Donde se pose nunca crecerán los sueños

Nunca crecerán los sueños
Nunca crecerán los sueños

No tiene culpa el papel por lo que aguante
Ni el instrumento por el disonante acorde
Ni las costuras para que se vea elegante
La recia porra que cuelga del uniforme
Ni los escombros, de haber caído
Ni los relojes de cuanto se ha envejecido
Si corre el llanto, si no resulta
Me duele tanto cuando la culpa

¡Ay la culpa! la maldita culpa no la tiene nadie
¡Ay la culpa! la maldita culpa no la tiene nadie
¿Cómo que no la tiene nadie?

Que no es lo mismo previsores que adivinos
Que no es igual recitación que improvisando
Que es preferible quien lo intenta y ha perdido
Que quien blasfema pero nunca va intentando
Culpa sin rostro como incentivos
Para enfermarse de rechazo irreflexivo
Lancé unos golpes (Yo lancé un acorde), se hizo esta rumba
Una ilusión como linterna en la penumbra

Quiero esa culpa de empinar los imposibles
Que mis abuelos me obsequiaron en la infancia
Denme la culpa de estallar cuando se arrime
La cobardía con disfraz de tolerancia
Culpa coraje, culpa valiente
Esa otra culpa es la que aplaude el inocente
Si corre el llanto, si no resulta
Lo que me jode, lo que me insulta
Que la culpa, la maldita culpa no la tiene nadie
Que la culpa, la maldita culpa no la tiene nadie

No la tiene nadie
No la tiene nadie
Demasia'o generales pa' poco recluta
No la tiene nadie
Y a la muela de oro le falta la pulpa
No la tiene nadie
Si no rasca el respeto no pica la multa
No la tiene nadie
A ese perro tan grande lo mata una pulga
No la tiene nadie
Lo que grita la calle el informe lo oculta
No la tiene nadie
Los que manchan la Patria, la historia se sepulta

Que la culpa, la maldita culpa no la tiene nadie
Que la culpa, la maldita culpa no la tiene nadie
¿Cómo que no la tiene nadie?
La culpa, la culpa

Échame a mi la culpa de lo que pase
Échame a mi la culpa de lo que pase

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Son Montuno
Here are two of my very favorite non-salsa musicians, the Mexican guitar maestro, Carlos Santana and the Argentinian alto sax maestro, Gato Barbieri. What do these two genuises have in common, besides being Latin American? They make their instruments talk to you and make you feel every note to accompany every shade of sadness and happiness they are trying to convey. The track is the Santana insturmental classic, Europa - enjoy:


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Son Montuno
Back to Brasil and a song dedicated to the people of what is in many people's opinion (including mine) the most beautiful city in the world - Rio de Janeiro - the Cariocas, by yet another great female vocalist from a country that seems to have a factory production line of such singers. The melody is haunting and you get to see some great shots of Rio:
For me this has been a good year for music, but until recently basically none of it has been Latin.

In the past few years, I've been warming up to electronic dance music, especially out of the UK. I also think the trends within the genre have been headed in directions I would naturally tend to like. Anyway, this article covers a lot of key people, and I like the mix connected to it. If you hate dance pop, you aren't necessarily going to like it though:


Some examples of the sort of thing I'm talking about:

Maybe one reason I like some of this stuff is that it's not so secretly disco. And this is the first rapping in English I've been able to get into for a while. Mostly my defenses are up with regard to rap these days, but this slays me:

And I’m here, and I’m there, and I’m torn now
And I’m hurt and I’m bruised, and I’m torn down
And I've made some mistakes, but matured now
And I’ve touched my regrets through my pause now
And felt how it feels to be sure now
And I know what it means to deplore now
And I know what it means to endure trials
And I know when it hurts to the core now
And I’ve burnt every bridge that I’ve torn down

Meanwhile, from a totally different direction, my love of Arab music has been reawakened by the arrival of the great new singer Mohammed Assaf, who won the Arab Idol contest. This first one is my favorite performance of his so far. The woman in the audience that they keep showing is his mother, but maybe you guessed that. This is very classy and powerful stuff:

More upbeat, after the mawwal (a sort of unmetered soneo at the beginning of the song!), and more political (he's a Palestinian from Gaza), which for many of us makes the fact of his win that much sweeter):

There are also a bunch of albums I'm looking forward to hearing, across different genres, but I guess I will leave it at that for now.
Okay, I'm listening to Mohammed Assaf again and for those of you who haven't listened to a lot of Arab music, in my opinion and in the opinion of many others (like actual Arab singers), he is up there with a small handful of the greatest Arab singers of the past. He is AMAZING. Ragheb Alama, a successful singer and one of the judges on the show said to him: "Your voice is measured by a golden balance." Ahlam (another singer and also one of the judges) was comparing him to Abdel Halim Hafez before he had even won.
Finally made it to a concert of Amadou and Mariam from Mali after many years of trying and missing the dates they were on tour in the area. I had to add a few of their albums to my African music collection.
- this is amazingly awesome -

Got stuck on Pablo Milanés Si ella me faltara alguna vez this weekend. Here from teh concert I went to in Madrid last October.

But I really love this one with Andrés Suaárez and Pablo. Wish I'd been there.

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