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So salsa is the common thread that ties us all together, but I'm a little bit curious to see what other ties we all have. So I'm gonna start a series of threads with random questions. The first is do any of you guys listen to music other than salsa, if so what artist do you like, what songs are nostalgic to you, beautiful, fun, etc.
Salsa is my first love but occasionally I may listen to Classical, Jazz (Sara Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald, Nancy Wilson, etc.) or something contemporary like Enya. Sometimes, R&B stuff from the early eighties. :)
So I was helping a friend paint her new apartment the other day, and we listenend to Rascal Flatts and Tupac all day, something about certain country songs and old school rap that makes my happy :D
I'll often listen to Jazz - I like Ella Fitzgerald, Rosemary Clooney and Etta James in particular. Also have a thing for Aerosmith and Bon Jovi, but I don't talk about that much!
I dont listen to much Tango, but there is a composer named Astor Piazolla who writes tango pieces and his music is truly some of the most beautiful I've ever heard. My guitar instructor and a sax player played one of his arrangements at a concert last year and I wanted to cry it was so moving.

I am so glad there is another dancer with a soft spot for Aerosmith and Bon Jovi, true that isnt something to be proud of, but man sometimes I just get in the mood for some cheesy rock. I started playing guitar at age 12 b/c I thought the guitarist from Aerosmith was the coolest person I'd ever seen.

I'm listening to ColdPlay as I post, any Coldplay fans in the forum?
memphis salsero said:
I dont listen to much Tango, but there is a composer named Astor Piazolla who writes tango pieces and his music is truly some of the most beautiful I've ever heard. My guitar instructor and a sax player played one of his arrangements at a concert last year and I wanted to cry it was so moving.
I have some tango CDs also! :D I started to listen to tango when I started to play the violin some years ago, because my violin teacher plays new tango music.
:arrow: w w w.nto.nu ;) (The group is called "New Tango Orquesta" and they have been outside Sweden playing their music :))
This is going to sound really far fetched but i listen to almost all genre's of music. People often say this but they truly don't mean it and prefer one genre to another but everyone that sits in the car with me and hears my ipod playing through my tape deck (oh yeah, kicking it old school) realises that this is true.
Alright, let's get started with the genres i can think of now:
Rock/Punk/Emo/Indie/Metal: I'm a big fan of artists such as Anberlin, Nirvana, Radiohead, Promise Ring, Metallica, Green Day, Used, Killers etc etc.
Rap/R&B/Hip-hop: Tupac, BIG, Nas, Kanye, Jodeci, JayZ, Soul 4 Real, Shai, all the old school stuff and of course there are many many more
Jazz/Blues/Oldies: Love my Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Sam Cooke, Miles Davis etc etc
My list does go on, but right now i gotta go
Of course the international stuff also exists. French, German, latin, Middle eastern, Indian etc

I have around 1000 albums (on CD) a sh#t load of burnt compilations and stuff and i've abnout 30,000 songs on my PC. Music is my life. Anyway i must boot.
When I don't listen to salsa dura, I take out my old vynils of hardcore punk, aged late 70's/early 80's.

Germs, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys, TSOL, Plasmatics, Discharge, Subhumans, Crass, UK Subs, Sex Pistols

And regarding other different, yet near bands, I like to hear The Cramps, The Gun Club, The Nuns, The Lunachicks and many othes minors bands who followed my teenage.

I'm not keen to soft music... always been looking for wild tones...
Aside from salsa, and Afro-Latin music generally, I especially like Arabic music (and some music from other traditions that are historically intertwined with Arabic music). I mostly like older (pre-80s anyway) styles of Arabic music.

I like Sun Ra. I like a small amount of other free jazz type things. I like some vocal jazz, particularly Billie Holiday, but I've also begun to enjoy Ella Fitzgerald (and expect to eventually get around to buying much more by her).

I like some music by: Jon Hassell, Fred Frith, Hans Reichel, John Fahey.

I'm still very partial to the 70s rock/soul/pop music I heard when I was a kid, but I rarely listen to it.

Speaking of Black Flag, for some reasons "Rise Above" popped into my head recently and I had to download a copy. I rarely listen to that sort of thing any more, but you never know when I will momentarily be in the mood for it.
I started out as a teenage metalhead, and gradually broadened that out to include funk, soul, and jazz.

To bo honest, I don't actually listen to a lot of pure salsa outside of when I'm in a club. I have a couple of salsa compilation CDs, and a couple of CDs by Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca...but then the latter aren't pure salsa either.
Lately I've been discovering what for lack of a less obnoxious term I will call "world jazz" (of course, jazz already is international) or "ethno-jazz," but anyway, jazz mixed with foreign styles of music. Just ordered a new album like this by the Sunny Jain Collective, which, as you might guess, mixes jazz with Indian elements. There is a very obscure release by someone named Bob Aves which blends jazz and traditional Filipino Kulingtang music (but played on guitar primarily) called Translating the Gongs that I'd like to get, although it only appears to be available as a download. Sometimes it seems that when two types of music I don't particularly like are combined, I am more likely to like the results than I would like either music in its pure form. I can't quite figure out what's going on with that.

Also, lately I've been discovering things that remind me of 70s pop, but fed through various more recent filters (maybe choice bits from the 80s, a dash of electronic dance, etc.). For me the Japanese singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Shiina Ringo at least partly fits into this category. Closer to home, Gnarls Barkley is this type of thing (but coming from a very different angle), with all the 70s soul borrowings.
Here's a Tokyo Jihen (Shiina Ringo's current band) video:


(I know a lot of us could post videos of our favorite non-salsa ad infinitum (is that right?), but of the songs I've heard for the first time this year, this song (in this live version), is one of my absolute favorites. Shiina Ringo reminded me how to rock out.

Sometimes I think the fact that salsa is so male-dominated makes me makes me, semi-consciously, seek out female performers, especially singers, in other types of music I listen to, in order to balance things out a bit.)
A little faux Latin vibe with lots of Beatlesesque touches (and some Japanese underpinnings as well):


(This was kind of a career summary, stitched together from earlier videos, before she went un-solo.)

Don't give me attention, I will go on and on about whatever interests me.
HothouseSalsero said:
.....Don't give me attention, I will go on and on about whatever interests me.
:lol: :lol:

Too late. We've already done it. This is Salsa Forum where all it takes is a mere mention of Salsa and any one of us will go on and on. I'd say we're pretty much used to it. ;) :D

I like the latin vibe on that one. Extreme closeup on that video. Reminds me of the Sinead O'connor video long ago.

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