Orq Harlow - Heavy Smoking

Downloaded this album from Emusic (paid service) last night and it was the 1st time I ever heard this album and I was blown away. To be honest, I never was too much interested in this album, I guess mainly cuz I never heard of the singer before but I think there's like 10 songs on the cd and I probably liked about 5 or 6 of them. Definitely gonna be the next Fania remaster I go out and buy.
very nice recording. his first one with Fania, singing Felo Brito. noticeable cuban influence just before his soul/boogaloo years. descarga dates it in 1968 but I dare to locate it in 1965.

Harlow Orchestra was the second group signed by the newborn Fania Records. This is one of the very earlier Fania releases.

Felo Brito also sang with Apollo Sound in their initial years (1968-1969).
count yourself lucky you're not in the uk. we are 2nd class citizens in terms of what music is available to download. id estimate there's 5/10x more salsa to download in the us rather than the uk on emusic (not only emusic but thats the one i download from). boring licensing, i guess.
yeah. you 'mericans don't know when you got it good! I loved it in NYC being able to find a "tropical" music section even in Trump tower! The trip was wasted though because my exposure was so bad I didn't even know any names apart from the big ones. Here you have to find the "world" section and then pick between african and brazilian music to find the salsa.
That was Larry Harlow's first album with Fania. He was so excited when he got the first acetate copy of it, that he placed it on the hood of his car as he was rushing home to show it to his family and lost it! He never found it!
Actually, I REALLY listened to the album again today and I change my mind. Instead of 4 or 5 songs I enjoyed, I literally enjoyed TENNNNNNN songs outta 12. The 2 boleros I wasn't too crazy about. Great recording. Definitely gonna go out and buy this.
I stand corrected. CD has only 1 bolero, #4. It's ok. But overall, 11 outta 12 songs are incredible!!!!!!
My opinion, 1 of my favorite Harlow albums. Definitely in the top 3.

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