NYC clubs that play romantica?

Hi everyone,

I'm fresh to these forums and still relatively new to Salsa. I tried to search the forums for a list of threads listing clubs that play Salsa Romantica in NYC (or anywhere in the US/Puerto Rico for when I go on vacation again). I've been to less than a handful of Salsa events (in NYC) where the music seems to be more Dura style. Does anyone know of any clubs/scenes that play mainly salsa Romantica?

I listened to (when I felt was) a lot of music but each time, I found myself only feeling (suddenly moving without realizing it) when listening to Rey Ruiz, Luis Enrique, Mickey Taveras with other artists though upbeat at times, didn't give the same feel. In my (private) lessons, I've been mainly dancing to those 3 artists (also Eddie Santiago, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Jose Papo Rivera) because it felt better to dance to that music. I tried other artists but my body didn't want to move (to the dura style) and it felt so forced and uncomfortable. I've tried a few events but found they didn't play the Romantica styles so basically I pretty much leave my salsa dancing with my teacher. I'd really like to go out and spend more time dancing but need places that play the Romantica style. I saw Bachatamania which said they do Salsa Romantica (and listened to some of the songs in their YT videos but they didn't sound like Romantica) and not sure if it's the right place. If people could provide suggestions, I would appreciate it.

Sorry, I think you are getting too specific with your music selection. A club is going to have a lot of ppl with different likes and dislikes and a DJ has to cater to everyone. Your best bet would be going to band shows that play the type of music you like and dancing there.
Follow the Justin Angel Band on FB and Instagram. Since I also dance, I understand that life isn't about Salsa Dura! We just did a show in Garwood on Friday, we performed in Queens in April, SoBs, in March, and Gonzalez y Gonzalez in February. The band performs the music from all the artists you have mentioned. We are a 13 piece band that gets the crowd going! The band is also blessed to have 2 Grammy award winning percussionists on staff. Come check out our next show!

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