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I've never been on Thursday but a really cool guy who is a good dancer said it was good. Or was it Tuesday!? It was one of the two. Maybe that's where the Rueda guys have disappeared to. The place (Wed/Mon) isn't the same without them really, they're bloody good dancers!
The only good thing I'll say about it is that it was a very long time ago.
LOL, you'd say the same about Wednesday though. Where would you recommend?
I have been there a couple of times on a Thursday. I don't have much positive to say about it so look away now if you don't like negativity.

It's only a personal preference but from watching the advanced class I didn't like the teaching style and I didn't like how the teacher danced socially. His partners seemed happy enough though so it could just be a matter of taste.

Generally the standard of dancing seemed to be lower than Mon/Wed (with the exception of the few dancers who you see there on Mon and Wed anyway). But it is a Thursday, which is the start of the weekend for many people in London so you are going to get a more weekendy crowd. I expect their bar takings are double or triple those of Monday nights ;)
Cool. Someone I know said it was a bit "Mambo" there and she didn't have the best time but when I hear things like that it get's translated in my head to mean great dancing and great music but leave your silly hat at home. Got no problem with doing that at all.

Perhaps I'll see you around after this Salsa break is up (they never last, hehe). ;)
i used to go there - i wouldn't say it was cliquey. more a 'fun' venue but not in a condescending way. haven't been in about 18 months but found it friendly and busy.

about thurs: my opinion exactly
I've been several times but it's not the best. I find it very busy and unfriendly. I've got injured there more times than anywhere else and no apologies! Music is so-so, but I prefer more timba/Cuban.

The first time!? :shock: :)
Can't go this weekend but hope to be at the LDA party (also for the first time) next weekend if you are up for that?

I went for the third time (Ed: to SoS) recently (only went once in the first 2 years) and it was pretty damn good what with it being in the big room this time. It was still hot though, so I'd wear something light if I were you. If you like cross body then you'll have a good one for sure. Oh, and the snobbishness thing is a myth by the way...there's no more than any other place. The music is quality too!

Hope you have a blast Mr.D.
The first time!? :shock: :)
Yes - I never got around to it.

To be honest I used to find central venues a bit daunting - I think this is because I went to a few all nighters as a beginner and felt really out of my depth.

Recently I've been to a couple of the larger nights and haven't felt out of place - in fact I'm thinking of dropping my usual venue and going to Bar Salsa on Wednesdays again.

With all these things I guess you have to show your face on a semi-regular basis or you'll always feel like an outsider.

(Though I do enjoy being a bit of a big fish in the tiny pond of my local venue)
nowhiteshoes, maybe I was too busy enjoying myself to notice. :cool: You've been quite a few times haven't you? Seeing that big room was a shock, I just couldn't get over how many people there were. It was almost like being at SalsaFusion (exaggeration?).

AndrewD, true. After a while you can go pretty much anywhere and see a few familiar faces but before you get to know people it can be a bit daunting. I hear you on the local thing too. For me it was the music that put the final nail in the "regular customer" coffin. You can still blot out all the bad stuff with a few fond memories though can't you.


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With all these things I guess you have to show your face on a semi-regular basis or you'll always feel like an outsider.
True (though I must say I felt perfectly at home at SOS when I went there back in January even though I think it was only my 4th visit in 3 years. I had a fantastic time, and I agree that the snobbish reputation is just a myth. :D)
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. Oh, and the snobbishness thing is a myth by the way...there's no more than any other place.
im not so sure about that! it's there alright but it's a great place to dance

Well I've had more rejections in Bar Salsa than SOS so I would say that the cliquey reputation for SOS was created by people who felt unable to go and ask the alleged cliquey people to dance.
How was it AndrewD?
I ended up going in the end, instead of going next week. I was looking out for you but didn't see anyone fitting your description. So fill us in. How was your first SoS experience? :)
I had a great time!

I took the improver level class, which was a bit too easy for me – but it did include a couple of nice moves I haven’t been shown before. It’s always nice being taught quite simple things, that feel good and you can include in your repertoire more or less straight away.

I danced pretty much non stop from 8:30 to 10:30, without a refusal or a sense that I would be turned down – I guess another aspect of having 3 years experience is knowing who to ask. The dancing was very good; one of my worries was that I’d be faced by a wall of salsa goddesses and I’d have to be on top of my game all night, but there was a nice mixture of skill levels. I had four quite memorable dances – I think the difference between my local and central venues is that followers at places like SOS are more comfortable expressing themselves, so in a way you feel less pressured to deliver lead after lead.

The music was great – a welcome antidote to my local’s – the DJ at my regular place plays great tunes most of the time but manages to destroy the atmosphere at least twice a night by playing something weird or wacky.

I can definitely see why SOS has its excellent reputation – I can’t make Sundays very often, but will definitely go again.

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