London on 1 lessons

Hi all,
I've just moved to London.
I want to continue salsa lessons on 1 and will want to learn kizomba as well.
Do you know any places that teach either or both.
**I want to use the dancing to meet new people to hangout with, so I would like the age group to be similar to mine so 20s early 30s.
Thanks in advance
For on1, I would recommend Supermario on Mondays in Bar Salsa (Leicester Square) which is £10 for club and 2 lessons, and YMCA course on Wednesdays in Tottenham Court Road which is £50 per month.

No idea about kizomba though.
You will generally find people of all ages pretty much everywhere. Bar salsa is maybe a bit younger.
It's like there is a new school/class/party launching every month in London. It's hard to keep track.
I'm not sure you would meet a lot of people to hangout with outside salsa though. What I've noticed in London is that people are usually nice during parties but don't bring things outside salsa.
It's always strikes me how people just ignore each others in the tube before or after social like SOS for example.
If you go on I know there are some salsa groups there. Maybe you should try through these group to add a social aspect.

For kizomba, chocolate tuesdays, 229 on wednesday, tiger-tiger for urban kizz on tuesday, vicio on staturday. Once again I'm not sure about the new in town/meet people aspect.
People tend to arrive alone and leave alone(most of a time :p for that second statement) and pretend to not see each other once they pass the door.
I learn at dancebuzz. I'm not sure how it compares to other on1 classes in central as its all i've tried, but i really enjoy it. The courses run in blocks of six weeks so you get to know people. A bunch of us in improvers made a big whatsapp group to arrange nights out from time to time.

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