"Linda Melodia" in salsa music

There are many songs that at the beginning of solos (particularly piano solos) the sonero will say "linda melodia!" For example: Ray Barretto - Salsa Y Dulzura youtube.com/watch?v=2u5zJw23Ofc at 1:45.

Of the top of my head that's the only one I remember, but I know it happens a lot. Any other examples? Gracias
Just heard it in Guajira Controversial (Tico All-Stars), not at the beginning though. I have my ears peeled for any "linda melodia" on my Pandora channel. :)
There's an entire song by Manolito y su trabuco called Linda Melodía. One of my absolute favorites form when Carlos Kalunga was with the band...great song... and I love his voice.
To help me find songs with the words Linda Melodia. I think there is a pattern with what situations it is said and it is helpful considering that I'd like to use the words from one of these songs for another peace I'm editing. Gracias
Was listening to some old maykel blanco the other day...yes, O L D maykel blanco from all the way back in 2006! Anyway in Cambia tu faceta includes the phrase "linda melodia". Had totally forgotten about it. this link isn't the CD version but close to it.


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