Lets talk about technique

What about asking instructor to get rid of that turning to the center ?

:DIt was something I learned a few years ago, so I suggested it to the group as the circle kept on becoming a line. It works, so I don't think we should change that part.

By the way, I really like their teavelling moves.
Yeah, that's the problem with teaching methods, by solving one problem you create two other ... :)
:D Typical isn't it? At least my problem is only appearing with beginners that don't know yet that there is CBM and CM. So we will sort it out with time. But this Lernea Hydra appears many times, especially in BR. :)
So, update on this. I mentioned it to the group and the ladies understood the problem. One solved it immediately by rotating her body correctly. Others had still difficulties but they got it when dancing in double hold. But we agreed not to go into double hold at the start of the enchufla. Instead we will work on the problem directly. So I would say issue "pending".
What is the difference between the girl on the left and girl on the right in technical terms ?

First connection with the floor, that enables the one on the right to have CM while the lady on the left is sliping. Second straightening of the knees by the lady on the right which means better hip action. The lady on the left has bent knees all the time. I think we better stop there.
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