Latin Dance Life - clothes for dancers

I don't know if you're like me, but I spend 1/10th of my time at events where I want to dress up, and 9/10ths of my time practicing. As a yogi, I'm used to having fun, colorful, yoga-themed clothes when I go to the studio. But there's not much like that out there for dancers!

At one point, I got fed up, and decided to do something about it. I started designing shirts for myself - and enough friends asked me about them that I've made the designs available to others! Latin Dance Life is a collection of dancer jokes, musical knowledge, and salsa-related themes on shirts for men and women.

Check it out - and please, let me know any feedback you have on designs, customizations that you'd like to see, or other designs you'd like! Below are examples of a few designs.

1a.jpg 1b.jpg 1c.jpg 1d.jpg 1e.jpg 1g.jpg 1h.jpg 1i.jpg 1j.jpg

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