Interesting Words In The Dictionary....

Ever look in the dictionary and see a word that either looks funny or wierd? Or maybe you never even thought it was actually a word? I remember seeing this word on episodes of Batman (1960s) during the fight scenes. KAPOK! :shock: :lol: It's actually the silky down that covers the seeds of a tropical tree, used for the stuffing pillows and life jackets. Hmmm, interesting. How about you? :)


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How about Calipygous, which means "possessing firm, rounded buttocks" or Boffo, which is and old slang term for "cool"?
Pusillanimous, :shock: :lol: I was afraid to even try and pronounce it. It means lacking courage or resolve. Hmm....I think I'll just say someone just lacks courage or resolve. :lol: :lol:

Lickety-Split: We hear it all the time as an description of high speed but who in the world thought up that word? :lol: :)
a thinking-place; place for study

old Welsh instrument like a hornpipe

pickthank: :shock: :lol:
sycophant; flatterer

zenzizenzizenzic: :shock: :lol:
eighth power of a number

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