How far will you drive?

Usually around 30-40 minutes. Luckily it is rare that I have to travel alone, so time flys and also I do not have to be the one driving every single time.
The furthest I've gone has been four hours and returned the same night. So basically 8 hours of driving for 3 hours of dancing. I miss those days. The thrill of meeting new people who were far away but still part of your growing community. But now since everyone travels all the time it's not the same, plus there aren't as many new people anymore. I was supposed to travel on this past Sunday to get a fix but I couldn't convince myself that it was worth my time.
15 minutes / 10 km - home venues, every time there is something worth going there
40 minutes / 60 km - next city, been there regularly
60-80 minutes / 80-100 km - other nearby cities. 2-6 times per month.
120 minutes / 150 km - my favorite venue. Once per month.
120 minutes / 160-180 km - nearest large cities. Every 1-2 months.
150 minutes / 190 km - longest tour for just a dancing evening.
300 minutes / 195 km - alternative/safe home route from my favorite venue during a small blizzard.
2.5 hours max or 250kms one way. Any more and my legs will atrophy in the car as a passenger.

Typically 60 mins to get to the nearest city is a nice little evening trip. I enjoy the rides provided I am in the right company.
Once I was reading a book on the beach, got sunburned, angry for my stupidity, and decided not to go home 50km, but opposite direction ~270km for salsa party. It was fun party.

Other than that for long distances I prefer bus or plane.


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It took me a series of five flights (Melbourne-Sydney-Auckland-Santiago de Chile-Lima-La Paz) to get to some killer parties with live bands in La Paz, Bolivia.

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