How do you get back on the right timing?

Since I am expert in getting offtime, all of above suggestions are valid :)

If the follower is unaware or novice, I use the following:

1. CBL, as someone already described. Don't let her cross on the CBL, by checking the follower. Lead the CBL again.

2. Close hold and dance in place - grooving or rotate. The hugs method as already mentioned.

3. Interrupt a move by giving a check. Similar to CBL above but with different moves.

4. Hammerlock plus rock step or check, also makes it easy to lead a follower to the timing you want.

With followers who may be more aware or better dancers:

1. All of above.

2. Multiple Rotations (or whatever the correct technical term is per terence) starting with either 360 or backspot turns (that is either clockwise or counter wise rotations).

3. Break for shines and pickup.

4. Spins/turn - either lead a slow turn, fast double spin or traveling double turns. Or as a lead you can do single or double turns in place as well.

5. This one is hard to describe. But it is where you are still holding the follower but either leading some body movement or doing it yourself (avoid body rolls or grinding to not come across as creepy)

6. Hold the follower and travel (forward, backward, or rotate). Can also be done in place without traveling.

I am sure there are some other ways I can't recall at the moment.

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