How do I distinguish a vallenato?

Today I heard this song on the radio: Otto Serge - Amiga y mujer. (www. youtube. com/watch?v=dR9s9bQWFEo)

I knew I was not a bachata, nor did I sound like a bolero, but I did not know what kind it was.

Only now when looking for the song on Youtube to ask here I have seen that it is a vallenato.

How do I distinguish a vallenato? It sounds very similar to a bachata or a bolero.
I don't if this will help.

There are differet styles.

Personally I really like Carlos Vives . He has done some classic vallenatos, but with a more modern style. He also integrated some indigemous intruments into his music.

Some good vallenatos by carlos vives

La gota fría (his version of a classic) a song about vallenato contest between two rival singers.

Some more modern vallenatos
La tierra del olvido

Déjame entrar

Fruta fresca

Here s a vallenatón that you've probably heard - vallenato mixed with reggaeton

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