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A few nuggets for Salsa DJ's -

First, for Windows users - if you have any questions on Audio, how to optimize your DJ laptop, ASIO, sound cards, sound quality, etc., or simply want to know how things work, this is the best single source location I've ever seen. A free PDF download from Cantabile -

Second, DJ'ing from the highly specialized perspective of a Tango DJ. Don't be put off by this - there is some really good info in section III -
I shall apologize up front for the following rant -
The Sound Quality of a DJ's system has always been one of my hot buttons, and it's only as good as it's weakest link. You need good source material. This comparison is going to be based on this -

A few YouTube mp3 downloads and one Amazon PAID download later, we have this -

Similarity.jpg This is "Similarity", a free program that quickly compares the quality of audio files. Please note the Amazon PAID download - clipped 1004 times! Sure, it's a larger file size, higher bit rate, and has a higher Maximum Frequency - but this is completely offset by (what I assume) was an automatic ripping process with the target gain set too high (by Amazon or whoever they had do it).

It is getting harder and harder to get CD's. 99.9% of the world probably now consumes music this way - and listens to it on a phone. Everything in audio is being reduced to the least common denominator. If I was a young DJ (I'm not), I'd be standing on a mountain top screaming!
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