EU's coming GDPR and Salsa Forums


Staff member
So for the average person, this is pretty darn boring stuff, but for websites like this one, we have to be prepared to comply. If a person from the EU requests their data be removed from Salsa Forums, including things like their IP address, or other personally identifiable information we must comply. Additionally, in the event of a data breach, we must notify users. If we fail, we can be subject to financial liability.

Fortunately, we have never had a data breach that I am aware of here, and we keep the software update, and even switched to SSL and http/2 here late last year. But soon you will probably see a few more updates here so that we come into compliance.

I just finished writing a GDPR statement for our dance software company, so I'll be doing the same here, as well as doing some updates to Dance Forums. If anyone is feeling charitable, we have to pay our programmers to get a good deal of work done for this, and you are welcome to send a paypal payment to to help us out ($5?). Otherwise, we are going to be okay!

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