El Noro & 1ra Clase Concert Stockholm June 16, 2017

It's about 4am so I will be brief and then get back and give a more detailed report later. The band was fantastic! The musicians are excellent. the rhythm section is great and the horns are awesome! El Noro has 2 coristas and they all did a very fun and energetic perrformance. also the Stockholm crowd was great. I was worried about how many people would come since El Noro isn't necessarily a household name. But the place filled up and the audience seemed to know most of the songs (I'm sure many of us knew all of them). When the band came back for the encore, someone was calling out for the new song "Estoy en 0" because it's already become a hit just from the concert videos people have uploaded. And when they played it, a lot of the Stockholm audience knew it and sang along.

So it was just a fun, energizing and excellent concert. There are a few dates left before the European tour ends. I recommend seeing them live if you ever get the chance. There is just such a big difference to listening to a song on a CD and experiencing it live.

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