Did it close?

I guess I'm out of the loop. It seems like a bit of a shocker. Are there any known details?
I posted a thread about this a while back. They couldn't pay the bills anymore. They had a very rough time for the past 3 years so they finally had to close. Quite simply people are not buying CDs much anymore.
Apparently, nowdays its digital or(and) vinyl. Not the CDs. For me its digital, but a lot of new releases goes exclusively on vinyl (first that comes on my mind - El Timba y Manuel La Palma). Well, is still there....
I have to admit that I'm "part of the problem" here. I didnt know or remember about El Watusi, and since I buy digital these days, I would go to descarga to window shop, and then I would purchase from a site where I already have an account set up for purchasing digital.

So them closing is partly the fault of me and people like me. I used to buy CDs all the time but I stopped at some point. It was nice once I got comfortable with digital, to not worry anymore about package pilfering off my porch. Plus I get nervous having my cc out on too many different sites.

Oh well. Live and learn.
Well, you can use Google search (believe me, you CAN!)
iTunes,Play store
Solar Latin Club can give you an information about releases.
Dscogs for vinyl rarities (be ready to pay).

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