Dancing in Amsterdam

Looks like you've been unlucky with the weather... but then, it's Holland :roll:

Yes I think De Kroon's the best option. I'm thinking about it...
I didn't know what weather to expect. What's weather like this time of the year ? Today it was misty/drizzling rain. Took a look at central Amsterdam and familiarized myself with Trams/public transport.

My feet are already tired but looking forward to dancing tonight. Hope you will make it.

yep kroon tonight i think ill skip it too expensive for me unless i find a ride :)
How far do you come from ?
i did come and i regret it. there were not much people but tht was to be expected people have to work tommorow. it takes an hour for me to travel from home to kroon with car its only 35/40 min.
I just stopped by there at 12:15. Still charging 15euro entry at that time seemed a bit steep to me so I left again. Sounds like that was a good choice. Sorry to hear you didn't have a good night though.
I reached there around 10.30. The first thing guy at the door does is throw away my half empty water bottle (Came straight from eating at a restaurant and water was left over). Yes 15 euros seems little steep. Walked back at 1am. There were still a lot of people when I left. Bringing change of clothes was a good decision.

The music wasn't good for first hour and I spent more time in Bachata room. But then it picked up after around 11.30 or so I think, since I spent next hour and half dancing salsa. I thought for the Sunday night, the crowd turn out was good.
It was enjoyable. Thanks for all the info. I managed to go out on Sun (De Kroon), Tuesday (De Beiaard), Wed (De Kroon) and tonight (Haarlem). Amsterdam has a thriving scene. Never managed to make it to any place before 10.30pm. On an average got about hour and half of dancing per day. Reached Haarlem late around 11ish. Been sleeping only a couple of hours for last 4-5 days and standing/walking whole day. So by end of the day it was hard to leave comfort of the bed and go to Haarlem.

Overall the music was good (except for first couple of hours on Sunday at De Karoon). Yesterday (De Kroon) and especially today (at Haarlem) the music was very good. De Kroon on Wed was packed and reminded me of back home. All three places were packed relative to their space. I also liked the Bachata music. Except for may be a song or two, the rest were really good songs. Amsterdam really loves Bachata and it always comes in pairs. I must have heard at least a dozen Bachata every night I was out. the music wasn't played very loud (other than at De Kroon), which I liked.

De Beiaard appeared more like after class/school social. There were about 35-40 people, with about 15-20 on the dance floor at any given time. Wasn't surprised that everyone knew each other. I saw the some of the people from Tuesday on Wed at De Kroon, clustered in one corner and mostly dancing with each other. Looked a little cliquish though I think it was mostly because they felt more comfortable dancing with someone they know.

I got very few "No" to dance and when it did happen, 95% of the time it was because the girl was tired.

I got two pet peeves about dancing here. People chat/converse too much on the sidelines. I had to repeatedly interrupt many to ask for a dance. I will very rarely do that back home. Other than a little small talk, dancers don't tend to talk that much next to dance floor in other places. Floor craft was an issue. Even some seemingly good dancers. Had to constantly watch out. People tend to dance a little big here, both the slot style dancers and cuban dancers. I will say 80% to 85% of the dancing was slot style with a few cuban dancers here and there. I think the except for a few, the good dancers didn't come out. Overall there were more better leaders out dancing than same skill-level followers.
Nice too bad we didnt see eachother. i was at kroon sunday and wednesday.
the music there ussually is paired in two like 2 merengue 2 bachata 2/3 salsa.
i did not enjoy the music as much as you. but that is because i hear the Same set of music everyweek. therefore it was my last night at kroon yesterday.
people are fighting over dancingspace. maybe that is why they dance big.
it bothers me that Many people to stand on the sidelines to chat while the room behind them is all clear.

good to hear you had a good time
I'm going to Amsterdam on the 21st and wondering what the best place to go to would be.
I found these parties:
- Latin Suite (Barbizon hotel)
- Sudor Salsa Social
- Escape
- Going back to my roots, Panama, Amsterdam

I'm leaning towards Latin Suite as it's close to central station and it seems to have a lot of salsa. I was in the Escape /de Kroon 2 weeks ago for Latin Circus and didn't really enjoy that, because the dancefloor was way too crowded imo.
Has somebody experience with Latin Suite or is there another nice party that Saturday?
. I was in the Escape /de Kroon 2 weeks ago for Latin Circus and didn't really enjoy that, because the dancefloor was way too crowded imo.
Yeah, I had the same experience. Not enough floor space. Even when I got a good follow I was really limited by the lack of space. I did go to the super good corner and plopped down right in the middle of the cool kids. They were like, 'who the eff is this guy'. :)


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I went to Escape a few weeks ago and it was okay, not as crowded as the Kroon/Escape New Year party (was that Latin Circus? Can't remember). Not many cool kids (LOL) either.

I've been curious about the Barbizon event too. If you do go, please report back!
I tend to avoid Latin Circus. Just too crowded for my taste. And as there are usually smaller parties at the same time I prefer to go there. That said, all the cool kids generally do go too Latin Circus. I guess I'm just too old to be cool :)
Oh wait,.... there was another night where it was great. Lots of space. Place with the upstairs dance room too. That was good. Had a blast in that one. Probably my most memorable dance night.
I tend to avoid Latin Circus. Just too crowded for my taste. And as there are usually smaller parties at the same time I prefer to go there. That said, all the cool kids generally do go too Latin Circus. I guess I'm just too old to be cool :)
lol got me laughing

anyways i do agree kroon is way to busy. but hey i only go for the bachata ;)
suprisingly the latest latin circus had really good people dancing. but teh again way too crowded to really enjoy it.

i heard latin suite was not so great. a suprise since the first party was jampacked. and a sauna.
You could also ask why did we have 2 last year? ;)

That said, If I remember correctly the organiser announced it pretty late last year so who knows, they may announce it yet.


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I might ask Ivan about it when I see him next...

Any of you been to MonteCristo yet? What's it like? If I decide against Casa Loca tomorrow I might have a look there instead...
of course i have been.
the dance area is a sauna when you dance too much.
floor is good enough i guess. nice venue
2nd area is where all the people so******e but with music in background. just loud enough you dont hear all people talk. but not a place where i would go every week.
last thursday
Melissa Fernandez was there and i got a chance to dance with her.
the dance didnt went so well because it was fast. and i simply couldnt hear the beats so my on2 dancing was not so good. but still she dances great :D.
she was swet about it and said she promise me to dance with me again too bad i cant go to casa loca tommorow. she will be there also.

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