Asking for stuff isn't news but they make the point that since Cubans now have public wifi access, they increasingly come into contact with the luxury brands thay before were relatively unknown to many. Quotes from Cubans in Miami:
"A few years ago they would never have asked for such things. The real problem is they are ignorant and secluded and they think money grows on trees over here.”
"Rosalia Alvarez, a Miami doctor, said one of her co-workers was told by family members “not to get shoes from Payless or Kmart. They only wanted shoes from Macy’s. They’re getting much more discriminating.”"
Hmmm. The Cuban entrepreneurs need to get with the program :rolleyes:
In Colombia most of the "name brand" stuff is counterfeit ;)

Gucci, Versace, Prado, Apple, Nike all made in China from the counterfeit producer not made in China by the "official" producer :D:D:D
Interview with El Tosco who has some conspiracy theory about BVSC.

But may favorite quote is at the end LOL
Imagino que esto también ocurre porque estas personalidades de la cultura aún ven a la timba como un sonido chabacano o marginal.
Felizmente, gracias a los muchachos que hacen reguetón, hoy ya nos han quitado el cartelito ese de marginal. Ahora mismo yo soy Shakespeare o Cervantes…(risas).
May 13 at about 6am Havana time my friend Dairon, guitarist for Buena Fe, died at the age of 32 from a heart attack. It totally brought my day to a stop. I wrote an article at - mainly just things I think of when I think about him and I included a couple of clip from when I was hanging out with them as well as a solo song that he recorded a couple of years ago. Anyway, if anyone is interested here is the link (go to the main page of to read it in English. It will no doubt be moving down quickly as the results from today's Cubadisco Awards come in.
Some people, IMO with some justification, are worried about going to Cuba and finding a Starbucks on every block in Havana.
Correct. This is the general feeling among seasoned travellers. And some of the resort workers i have come across expressed similar feelings. They want to keep things Cuban.

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