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We have members from all over the world. Cool! I was wondering if you guys could make reccomendations here for the Salsa Clubs in your area. Where are the best clubs in your location? Any reccommendations for the best days and times to go? EMs would love to know... :wink:

First Friday of every month the Latin dance at Johnson's Bally Bay in Syracuse is great. No reggaeton!! None! Plus a nice mix of dances. Not something for the hardcore salsero, but great for me as I get quite a few cha cha chas. Even played a tango or two when there were many people who did AT, so the dj is a bit flexible as well...

SMAC dances in the Central New York area have been great. Haven't gone to one in quite a while. but I've never had a bad time. Great music.


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My favourite is the Merlin in Edinburgh. Usually the second Friday and the last Sunday of the month. Spacious floor, good DJs playing 99% salsa, no drinking crowds.

In Glasgow, my favourite is Sunday afternoon at Tiger Tiger for its relaxed atmosphere. Especially recommended if you like Cuban style. I've been told Thursday nights at Havana are very good, but I don't do Thursdays... :(.

Things have changed a lot in Glasgow. Havana is gone (and sadly missed :cry: ), and the Thursday nights have moved to another club called Favela. Two DJs take turns now, so you get either salsa dura or cuban timba depending on who's on.
The monthly Sunday social is now at Bourbon Street Bar (which I like less :( ).

The best place to salsa in Scotland is still the Merlin in Edinburgh. 8)
Sunday afternoon salsa on the beach, in the courtyard (a few steps from the sand :D ) of this posh fish & chips cafe called Dock of the Bay 8) .....

It's only open during warmer mths & can be weather-sensitive (Melbourne is famous for being 4 season in one day :roll: )......but we LOVE it!!!!!!
Well... I'm going to write al the most importan place to dance in Italy. That I know obviously! :lol:


-Luna Rossa (Sunday)
-Sabor Latino (Friday)
-Tropicana (Thursday) Di Pupo!!! A mix of wonderful salsa (classic),then bachata,merengue and.....raeg! :? He must do it!


In the vicinity,there's Don Chischiotte. Here,once a month, all the lovers of classic salsa,come here (me too 8) ). Is a wonderful place!With lovely people and great music (son,son montuno,guajira,cha cha,etc etc)
The other place,I heard that are not good.... I mean about the music!


Cafè Latino: since few months,DJs started to play Classic Music. I went here in November!A beautiful night!Really! A small place,where you can eat before to dance! ;)


In Rome there are a lot of places to dance!But I've never been there!

That's all...I think! :roll:
Clubs in Winnipeg, MB, Canada

We have three venues that have Latin nights at the moment:
  • Santa Cruz Restaurant & Bar - 101-500 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3X1 [Map]
  • The Empire Cabaret 2nd level (Palacio de la Salsa) - 436 Main Street, Winnipeg, MB R3B 1A7 [Map]
  • The Local Pub - 112 Market Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0P4 [Map]
Santa Cruz has latin nights on Fridays and Sturdays starting around 9 PM. Sometimes there's a live Latin band playing. This is a restaurant and it has a small dance floor in the middle.

Empire is a big night club with four different rooms that has different music in each room. Salsa is played on the second floor of the club. The place is pretty big, but the dance floor is small, although, hardwood. Latin nights are on Fridays and Saturdays starting at 10 PM.

The Local Pub is my favorite. It's a huge sports lounge with hardwood floor throughout. On Saturdays they clear the tables and create a very big dance floor. This still leaves lots of lounge space so people can sit/relax on the side if they want without obstracting the dance floor. Also has kitchen that is open late so food and drinks are available any time during the night. Latin nights are on Saturdays starting at 10 PM. Starting this week there also going to be Swing music between 8 PM and 10 PM.
If anyone of you visit Chile someday, the best places to dance Salsa in Santiago are Salsa Brava and Papagayo's club. Well, there are a lot of other places, is just that i haven't go.... yet :D
I live in Ottawa, Canada. If you're in town you should check out
-Club Caliente (they play "just salsa" on Wed and Thurs, Fri and Sat are also good, they also serve the best mojitos) 110 York St.
-Paraiso (Thurs, Fri and Sat are the best nights) 300 Preston Street
-426 (Thurs is Latin night) 426 boul. St-Joseph, Gatineau Quebec
-Rincon Latino (Tues, Wed, Thurs) 412 Preston St.
-Club Oxygen (Thurs is latin night) 182 Montcalm St, Hull, Quebec
-Salsa Fanatics (Every last Saturday of each month 9:00pm - 2:00am ) 60 Colonnade Rd.
A must visit in LA

There are many salsa clubs here in LA, most come and go within a year. But there is one that has had salsa for 30 years and on Sun nights, becomes arguably the best salsa club in LA. If you are in LA, try to go on a Sun night and plan to stay until midnight or 1am as most of the dancers don't show up until 11pm. Tues can also be very good.

Steven's Steakhouse
5332 E. Stevens Place,
City of Commerce, CA
(323) 723-9856
few infos from Warsaw, for present day we have 6 salsa events during the week
tue. club70, free lesson before party , we call it " disco latino" they play salsa marengue bachata cumbia and also latin pop ( j. lo, martin )
wed venue , free lesson before party , stricly salsa, sometimes marengue, bachata
thu enklawa , popular club during fri and sat but on thu there is salsa with latin dj's, salsa bachata marengue, cumbia sometimes latin house and latin pop, but for me the hottest salsa place, i'm just party animal
thu amnesia, free lesson before party, small club , stricly salsa
fri palacio de salsa ( in former, soviet-build palace of culture) fre lessons before, club but more like social, the best dancers in Warsaw, sometimes there are partys after workshops with international teachers ( super mario, susana monter, orville small, aanyo )
sat tygmont, free lesson before party, during the week famous jazz clubb but on saturdays salsa partys, many non salseros but great fun for everybody
Ok people...

If you ever visit me back here in Portugal there are two salsa clubs that i'd recommend tremendously.

One is in city of Oporto called "El Sonero" - every thursdays, fridays and saturdays and in the capital Lisbon, the Kathedral of salsa in portugal "El Barrio Latino" also in these same days plus wednesdays too.

Still, there are some other places in these cities and others where you can hear and dance alllllll night long. ;) Cities like Coimbra, Leiria and others.

Feel free to contact me you you ever stop by!

Pedro El Cubanito
Salsa places in San Francisco

San Francisco is a big tourist destination, so some of you may make it out here.

Don't miss Club Cocomo or a nightclub named Roccapulco. There is a site called that keeps a current listing of clubs.

Here in LA, it's possible for one to get a Salsa-fix each night of the week. But my favorite spot only has Salsa on Wednesday nights.

110 E. Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 491-5220

DJ Carlos & DJ Victor Rumbero spinning the tunes

It's a bit of a drive from where I'm at but well worth it.

See you on the dance floor....
In western Japan I recommend El Barco in Hiroshima (there's salsa, etc on one floor and hip-hop on the next- cool if you want to cross over!) and Tropicana in Himeji. Both places are open every night, offer lessons on weeknights and have the occasional party.

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