Classic timba

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Mayito Rivera & The Sons Of Cuba - Inventate Una Historia

Not what I expected but I really like the album, nice Cha cha (Harley Davidson de Cuba), Bolero and Salsa / Timba.
The audio on the vocals isn't so great but some good NG live

Gah! so amazing to hear Yo Soy Un Hombre live. It's a shame so little audio or video exists of NG's classic years but I guess this extends to pretty much everybody in the early timba years (I would love to hear how Issac was operating around the Con Ganas era, given that it's my favorite album of his).

I think Guaco is one of the most interesting bands around. They are decidedly not timba (I've spoken to some of their members and while they acknowledged its influence, especially during the 90s, they think their music is much more than just that) but they did operate similarly in parallel to timba's innovations. I also happen to think they had some sort of influence in timba's development.

1980's Disco Guaco flirts with disco, but it also changes gears (and there's a quasi bomba slide with guitar!)

by 1999, they were pretty much a timba band and Jorge Luis Chacin's compositions have a lot of the warmth Angel Bonne's songs had with Van Van, though the Blades influence is undeniable. They even included a Klimax song, for god's sake! Victor Mestas' piano is sublime

around 2002, Cuban pianist Cesar Orozco entered the group, they also went a bit poppier with some pretty chessy synth/latin pop stuff. However, they had some sweet jams like this. Odd-measures! Bomba slides! Silvio reference! I really admire how they manage to compress 6 minutes worth of song into 3 minutes.

Viejo Lazaro by Juan Carlos Alfonso y Su Dan Den -- I don't hear people mention these guys much anymore, but this is an amazing track

NG La Banda's El Tragico, a very distinctive track that sticks in your head -- love the vibe

Today's discovery -- didn't realize that this awesome song was originally a Van Van piece:

These days people (myself included) are more familiar with the Yerba Buena version, which is also pretty great:

Discovered the 70s version while rocking out to this 100% amazing potpourri of 70s LVV hits (from Aqui El Que Baila Gana en vivo)


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