Charanga Habanera Before and After

Many years ago I got "La cuqui quiere fiesta" by CF and didn't like it at all. I thought the sound quality as poor, and generally found the style of the band cluttered. I don't know how this album is considered historically, but is it representative to how their first two albums sounded?
No the frts two albums are definitely best. They still had a lot of the original band.
they recorded songs like El avión, which had originally been performed but not recorded by CH and Dice Formel (Somos la charanga). those are my two favorites I believe.
So I'm still on a Charanga binge. As I have previously mentioned, Pa'Que Se Entere La Habana is my favourite CH album, and for me the real gem of that CD is Que Te Lleve Otro. I'm wondering 1 what is the song about 2 Chiquitin Chiquitin Uepa! - what does this mean, I recall the translation being "Tiny" or something, but in context of the song/cuban slang what does it mean?
I'm sure someone knows the answers to these questions ;)

And I managed to get a copy of the 2nd Charanga Forever album, its realllyy good IMO. I recommend you guys who like the original CH to check it out.

And finally just for fun -
my current top 5 CH songs, would be interesting to hear everyone elses
1 Que Te Lleve Otro
2 A Mi Me Gustan Todas
3 Charanguero Mayor
4 El Temba
5 Hagamos Un Chen

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