Best salsa tunes and albums of 2017! (Reissues included if you like)

A little peripheral, but I think this is great. I'm generally not into Latin music with English lyrics, but she makes it work:

The whole album is great, but it's not particularly Latin-inflected overall.
This is. . . not bad? Sorry, I think the situation for salsa music remains bleak and I don't see that changing. This would at least get me moving if I ever make it back to the dance floor and it does pick up after about a minute:


DJ Yuca

Son Montuno
I have some really good salsa tunes from 2016 that I only discovered recently, so maybe the fact that there aren't many recommendations doesn't mean anything (I started a similar thread for 2016 which missed the best tunes imo). At the same time, the shrinking salsa scene means opportunities for salsa DJs have decreased a lot, as have opportunities for bands to play live and to have their releases heard by an audience at large. Obviously none of this is conducive to creativity.
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Is it mainly salsa romantica guys who release albums these days? I know Van Van only releases about 1 every 4 years. maybe the big classic salsa bands do the same.

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