Best compliments ever!

The past Wednesday I worked at a Loft Salsa Party! It literally stormed just before the event, and was storming during the dance lesson, but it didn't stop an amazing number of people from coming to dance anyway!

At the end of the night, as I was breaking down my equipment, I overheard three guys chatting. One has been a popular dancer and instructor on the scene for a very long time, and the other two were both very popular dancers.

As I was walking pass them from behind, I overheard one of them say: "The music was damn good! He played new music. I couldn't shazam most of it." Another responded, "Yeah, I didn't recognize hardly anything but damn it was good!" The third was just nodding his head in agreement. This all made me feel very good since these guys go out often and are very staunch salsa dancers and is exactly how I want dancers to perceive my work as a DJ!
I'll take this as a compliment.

I went out to my favorite place and had a really fun night dancing. My beginners were all fun, my intermediates were fun, my advanced partners were awesome. One beginner - Emily - who I had met at the free lesson before the dance (yes, I have officially learned the basic step 400 times now) was willing to dance with me in spite of being nervous about it all. She actually did quite well, I thought, but she had the typical beginner anxieties which were keeping her from enjoying the dance. "Would you like a little advice?" I offered. It should be noted that I never offer advice. Not once. This was totally over the top for me to do this, I'm not sure what got into me. Not sure why, but I did this one time.
"Yes, yes!" She was actually thrilled, to my astonishment. "Please."

"OK" I said, "but you have to know that the advice I am giving you is advice that was given to me."
(And actually not too long ago, either.)
"OK, number one.... Chill. This means, relax. Number two: no funny faces when something goes off track (I demonstrated an exaggerated grimace which got her laughing. She had been doing it the whole dance whenever something went wrong) "OK" she said.

The compliment: later in the evening we danced again. She was relaxed, and not a single funny face.
We both learned something in this exchange apparently. It was a fun dance.
During an open air dance some latinos were cheering a friend and me while we were "just having some fun to the music" in the corner of the dancefloor, shocking the elderly germans, the linedancers and her "i can dance too" boyfriend alike.

A few days later one of the group (i did not recognize him at first) approached me with a big smile and with a wild mixture of german, english, spanish, hand and feet he explained to me:
"Wow, i saw you guys at the sea at the weekend. Since i left home i have never seen again someone dancing with an energy like you." And a bit later: "By the way. I am <name>, i am from Cali, Colombia."

I always knew, i do not belong in circles with elderly people, tensely trying to work the called patterns while bragging about overly expensive Havanna trips. Now i am looking for a travelpartner to south america :)
Arrived at the local club tonight and my first dance was a bachata. Noticed some Dominican guys standing and watching nearby (I have a pretty good Dominican-radar :D ). When the next bachata song comes on, one of them asks me to dance, and immediately asks me where I'm from. I tell him, and he then asks if I learned to dance bachata in the DR. I say yes. He goes, "I knew it, my friends and I were watching you dance and we thought that either you're Dominican or you learned to dance bachata in the DR" :) :) :)

After another minute of dancing, he goes, "Seguro que no eres dominicana?" :) :) ("Are you really not Dominican?")
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I got a good one this week!

Post-dance chat with an acquaintance: "I like your enthusiasm for dancing. You always lift people's moods. You're like... a therapy dog!"

That's how Austrians woo the ladies. Well, I laughed, felt flattered and now like to think of myself as a golden retriever :D.

Edit: My favourite compliment is still the one I got after 4 months of dancing:
"You've improved a lot! You're fully functional now!" (said by a physicist, so it was kinda charming)
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1) I came to one of the top leads in the Country for a dance. At the end, while a girl was standing near us and waiting to dance with him, he took his time thank me, and then told me that the dance "Felt very. Very. Very pleasant" and that something in my following felt so "true" it caused him to really re-think about his leading.

But more importantly:

2) Somewhere in the middle of the party, a beginner follow (Whom I had danced with at the beginning of it) came to me and stopped me mid-dance, just to tell me: "Sorry for interrupting. I just wanted you to know that with you - I danced the best!" and then she took her things and left. O:
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Salsa beginner here.

I thought this would be a fitting thread for my "coming out" from lurking on the forum, since it has such a good vibe to it.

I actually read through the entire 79 pages during the last two weeks. It got me in a good mood everytime. Thanks for sharing, you guys rock! <- And that would be the compliment given ;)

I went to a congress a few months ago and after a dance with a skilled salsera the lady said.
"You have a very pleasant gentle leading style".
And seemed totally sincere. Made my congress. :D
Not a compliment by itself, but a reaction to my dancing, that really touched me.

On a larger party far away, with surprisingly low overall level, there was an elderly lady with her husband. I had seen her several times nagging with him. They didn't harmonize at all.
During a low time i took her for a dance ... well, she had fun, that is what counts. Afterwards a show started and by chance a girl i had a great dance with before positioned next to them. So i stayed with them during that very bad bachata show, talking a bit. At the end the woman nagged her husband to take her for a dance and he went to secure the drinks while the girl and i headed straight for the dancefloor without exchanging a word or even a gesture about it.
And the dance that followed was defined by this immense connection with that great dancer. Technically outstanding and highly emotional at once. A dance, worth writing a song about. But the story is not about her, it's about that couple.
When the song ended and i checked the surroundings i saw that couple standing at the side, cuddling and smiling at us. They seemingly never made it to the floor that song. When i checked them during the next song there suddenly was harmony in their dance.

It was their new years dance.
Last night I went back to the local weekly Friday party after five weeks of travels in Cuba and India. I ended up leading several bachatas. During the last bachata I led, at the end the woman suddenly goes: "You're better than the guys here! I was watching you lead my friend earlier and we were both saying that you're better than the guys". :dancingbanana:

Now I know how the guys feel when they get compliments on their leading after a dance :)

Later, as I was leaving, another woman came to me to tell me, "You're the best dancer here." :)
Here are some of the better compliments I have had so far:

-"You dance as if you had written that song",

-"Your style is so effortless and beuatiful - you give the rest of the girls no chance!"

-"Are you coming today? Can I dance with you? Something bad happened in my life and I feel in a very bad mood. Dancing with you always relieves me".

-"He doesn't just move his arm...All his body moves: Refined and delicate, and with a lot of heart and feelings". (She didn't know I was behind her!~)

-"Your following is so 'sincere' it actually had me reconsidering my leading. (From one of the best leads in the country).

-"WIth you! I danced the best!" (From a beginner hadn't previously known, who stopped me mid-dance, just to say that before she goes home)!

Now I know how the guys feel when they get compliments on their leading after a dance :)

Later, as I was leaving, another woman came to me to tell me, "You're the best dancer here." :)
Now - here is a a question:
How would you take such praise?
Compliments, even huge compliments are one thing. (And I consider the ones I mentioned above really huge. Especially the one with the beginner).

But when a person tries to praise me, in an admiring way - I can't face it.
It's as if they put me on some pedestal I am unworthy of.

It is not necessarily what they mean to say - but rather what they say, or how they say it.

-If a really good lead tells me I am a really good follow - I'd thank him and feel good with it.

-If someone says to me: "Dude. Do you know you are like...better than most of the girls here?" I'll respond with a joke: "Well, off course! I am me!~" *Waves invisible hair* or "No, you!~" with a funny voice and that's it.

-But sometimes they can say the same, but with a different attitude: In their mind they are just being frank and giving you a compliment when you think you deserve it...But in action - they actually "praise" and "glorify" you. When that happens...I blush, I bow, I drop my head, I feel uneasy and I just don't like how it feels...And also don't know how to respond. (Even if deep inside I agree with that they are saying, or like the idea that I get such recognition).
Also, new stories:

1) A very good song started, and a popular lead approached to invite a very popular follow who was already standing - smiliey, embracing and ready to take his hand. I noticed I was in his way, and quickly moved, just for the girl and I to realize that he was actually attempting to invite me.

2) An amazing follow (With whom had I danced once before, at another place) appeared in my usual venue. We danced twice during the evening. Then towards the end, after 3 ridiculously fast songs, they finally played a slow one. I rushed to her, expecting to get a 'no': Girl was drenched and breathing heavily. She looked at me with a sorry face, as we both knew she had to rest. (She barely had the breath to proparly give a verbal answer). I smiled, said: "Go rest!~", winked and escorted her to the chairs...Then midway she turned to me and said: "But a dance with you is a dance that has soul!" took my hand and...We danced! :O

3) Anaaaad a funny one: I came to a new place. Danced with a tourist. We spoke in english. Was fun. Then got invited by another dancer...Also a tourist. Probably her friend. And then another friend. And another one...
many tourists there can be in one place?!?!
I caught one of them secretly taking a video of me dancing.
Weird. Oh well...

-Until I caught one of them talking to her friend in Hebrew.
Apparently They talked I was a star from abroad or something. :facepalm:
Last year in September I got invited the second to time to a huge gala in Belgium which takes place ones a year. Because the resident DJ had to stop due to health issues the spot was open. The organizer already told me that he was considering me but he wanted to wait after the party to see how the crowd reacted.

After I finished my first set and while one of the other DJ was playing (3 in total) the organizer approached me and asked me when I'm going back on stage because the artist backstage are waiting for my music. They told him that my music was the best of the night. I have to admit that this felt damn good. Later Super Mario came to me and gave me a fistbumb thanking me for my music. Again a great feeling. At the end of the party Jose Diaz thanked me as well for the music. And yes, I am the resident DJ for this party :).

I'm doing this for the love and passion for the music. Getting a feedback like this is super nice and makes me keep going.

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