Bailes Sonideros - DJs in Mexico City...

Other people and I have constantly posted in "name that tune" searching for the songs.. After a while I gain curiosity about what people around the world think about these Djs.. They Specialize in Cumbia, Guaracha, Rumba, Montuno and of course Salsa!!!
I am not expert on the theme, but I will give the main idea..
This kinds of events are held in the medium to low neighborhoods in Mexico city and surroundings "Barrio Tepito" is probably where everything started(Sometimes called, Pequeño/small p. They take place in the exteriors and interiors of buildings, their main stage are the streets. This events started by/for people that couldn't afford to go to the clubs, they became spaces of respect and social tolerance. They started in the 60's. As you have seen the videos, they are know for commenting or sending greetings to the people, the entire event. As the time passes, the technology also increased;. Now these Djs are big "companies / business" with big-trailers truck of equipment. Between Djs are always competing to show the best music to their people; today they also compete to see who has the best equipment "light show" or better audio, but their style is what defines them.. In the past they use to perform in the "zocalo, Mexico City" or "monumento a la revolucion" Also every year they use to celebrate "tepito markets" or la "merced markets" where a many sonidos use to perform all day.. Today the government has prohibited them.. Anyone can hire one for their party for around $2,000 dls.. When a sonido has their aniversary, they also make "big parties" and sometimes they invite artist to join them, such as: Richie Ray & bobby cruz, Tito Rojas, GIlberto Santa Rosa, Oscar De Leon, Ray Perez, Fruko, Adolecentes, I am not sure but I think Celia cruz, and Hector lavoe joined.. Etc...This movement has extended also to the USA. New York, Chicaco, Los Angeles.. Those Parties don't seem so good, they don't play salsa...
Thanks, Please leave your comments, I am very intrigued to hear what people think.. You may said that this is more addressed to the "Sonidos" But since they play a lot of SALSA (They are always bringing new music to our ears)... Would you attend one of this parties. If you are a dancer, would you have a hand-to-hand to these dancers.. If you are a DJ, would you have a hand-to hand in Music.. I don't know..Any opinion, comments, critique... etc.. Greetings..

some videos, besides of what you may have seen on the othe threat...

This is probably the oldest I will find, from the 90s..Songs at the beggining.. at 7:40....9.00....10.00

Two sonidos playing at the same time. discard the background music, its not the one they are playing.....

RIchie Ray, Boobie Cruz..

Ray Perez...
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I only looked at the 1st one.

Good to know R and R is still alive !!
In the salsa part, a lot of "walking", but I guess they are having fun, and that , in this case, makes up for all else

The music choices were not very good ( for me )

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