Aisar Hernandez y El Expreso de Cuba

Aisar Hernandez has been the bassist and musical director of Orquesta Revé for 10 years and hos now left to start his own band Expreso de Cuba. As timberos know, in 2008 he released 4 demos under that name, but stayed with Revé. What I can say right now is that he is keeping a 3 trombone format and has 3 singers - one a woman. I will be publishing an interview soon. In the meantime you can listen to the 2008 demos, which may be an indication of the sound the Expreso de Cuba will have. Unfortunately the two more hardcore tracks are not available at YouTube probably blocked by the rights-holders. Only the two romantica songs are available, but don't worry they band will not only be doing this type of song.

Are the demos available somewhere in high quality? A DJ asking here!

Great stuff, looking forward for the album! And I loved the interview, you asked the exact same questions that I wanted answers to! :)

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