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Salsaforums.com is definitely the right place to be for those of us who want to improve as a Salsa dancers, be it New York style, L.A. style or Casino.

Undoubtedly, the foundation you build as a Salsa dancer is definitely the most important thing that will determine how fast and how easily you make progress on the dance floor.

That's why it's so important to start out with a strong foundation from the very beginning of your Salsa journey. I know that there are things which I wish I had known when starting out. It certainly would have saved me time and effort.

I deeply respect the many experienced members on this site. Already, I have learned some new things here. That is why I ask for your input if possible.

I have published an ebook called "¡Dale Mambo! A Perspective on Salsa Dancing" which examines some unique ideas and concepts picked up during my Salsa journey. I would really appreciate some feedback on the information contained if the book if possible.

The book covers a lot of ground and is mainly geared towards those just starting out as Salsa dancers. However, more experienced Salseros can definitely benefit. At the very least, the fresh perspective and original explanations can be very useful when teaching beginners who are just discovering the world of Salsa.

The book covers a lot of information, but one of the main focuses is the music. As mentioned in chapter 3:
"Salsa dancing is like a non-verbal conversation with your dance partner. Your moves and turns are like the words, but it is the music that provides the 'context' for the conversation. Just like knowing a lot of fancy words won’t turn you into a better communicator, a huge library of Salsa dance moves and turn patterns won’t automatically turn you into a better dancer."

I sincerely hope that others find the information in this ebook valuable. Since this forum is full of so many knowledgeable people who love Salsa music and dance, I present this information to you. For any who may be interested in more information, the link to the book is:


Thank you,

Jason Harry

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