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  1. Luke Groundwalker

    Your favourite piano songs

    Hello! :) What are your favorite songs in which the foreground hear the piano? My favourite is Piano Guaguanco by Facudo Rivero
  2. Luke Groundwalker

    Afro song with violin or piano

    Hello. I'm looking for afro (only instruments) songs in which there is also a violin.(maybe similar to Hermano Tumbao Africano by DJ El Timba). This may be the rumba, palo. In the background must be violin or piano. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot Greetings
  3. Luke Groundwalker

    Violin song

    Hello I'm looking for songs played on violin preferably without vocals. Best if it were a piece of clave or other instruments in the background. Thanks a lot for help
  4. Luke Groundwalker

    Valentin Valdes - El Timbalero

    Hello I'm looking for a song Valentin Valdes - El timbalero. Unfortunately I can not find his version. If any of you have or know where I can find this song please message. Thanks a lot!
  5. Luke Groundwalker

    Onw of biggest festival in Poland

    Latino Festival - Jedrzejow 2015 Workshops, parties, shows, International Salsa Competition, Bootcamp with Rafal Rosiak, Bootcamp with Anna Chagowska, Bootcamp Bachata with Andrea & Silvia! All in one festival! ONLY 35 EURO! Line up: Andrea i Silvia Alfredo Garcia Gonzalez Farid Ferchach Anna...
  6. Luke Groundwalker

    Remixed classical music and salsa

    Hello I'm looking for classical music with clave or salsa remix classical song, I know remixed 5th symphony I'm looking for something else. Thanks!
  7. Luke Groundwalker

    Wanted - Song

    Hello. Does anyone know where I can buy or download the song: "Guararey P and G - Pedrito Matínez y su charanga " On their album is not this song Thanks for help Marry Christmas! :)
  8. Luke Groundwalker

    Your definition of "Agua"

    Hello. Often the songs you hear the word "agua". What is your definition of the word?
  9. Luke Groundwalker

    Part of music which at the beginning is only vocal

    Looking for a part of music which at the beginning is the vocal without instruments or strong accents. I want to use it as the beginning of the choreography. This may be a fragment of cuban song or mambo. Please help :) Thank you:)
  10. Luke Groundwalker

    The song, which adds a smile on your face and and have a better mood

    Hello salseras & salseros! What your favorite song that improves mood and makes you that day becomes better? :) My this type song is: Feel free to send your songs :) Saludos
  11. Luke Groundwalker

    10th anniversary of career Riccardo Recanati - event in Wroclaw (Poland)

    The event will take place in Wroclaw on 12-14.12 .2014 and will consist in two days of workshops in different locations, a "Welcome Party" on Friday night in "Buddha Lounge Restaurant" and a "Gala Party" with shows on Saturday night in "Firlej Club". Several teachers will give workshops of...
  12. Luke Groundwalker

    Favoutite spanish/english quotes from workshops/parties etc

    Do you have any favorite spanish or english quotes about dance or you remember any funny / interesting sentences from workshops and discussions with instructors? Something that is worth to share with others. One of some quotes from Adolfo workshops: "I do not say that it is wrong ... but it...
  13. Luke Groundwalker

    Your favourite descarga part

    Let's start a salsa topics after the holidays. What are your all time favorite descarga song? Maybe you have a favourite descarga part in songs?
  14. Luke Groundwalker

    "Lirycal Salsa"

    Hello everyone! I have a question. Do you know any songs "lyrical salsa"? Something soft without vocals. I know there are a lot of different remixes but maybe you have a favorite song of this type. I need this type of song to salsa-jazz show. Greetings and thanks Luke
  15. Luke Groundwalker

    Song with pachanga phrase, percussion phrase and some accents

    Hello! I'm looking for the song with pachanga phrase, percussion phrase and some accents. Something like "Tito Puente timbalero". You know something? Greetings from Poland :)
  16. Luke Groundwalker

    Song similar to Mon-Ti Tito Puente

    Hello :) I'm looking for a song similar to popular Mon-Ti. Descarga with many accents. Do you reccoment any this type song? Greetings Luke