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    Your top 5 dances of 2017!

    Please list if you will, your top 5 dances of 2017 or one that stick in your mind more than the rest. They can all be with one person or more. But you can only choose 5 or less :) I will start with mine. My top two were with locals (though one isn't local anymore). Other two were in Berlin and...
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    Happy 2018

    Happy New year to all :)
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    Salsa Forums is becoming lead heavy :)

    Lately I find that the participation in just dance section and videos section is mostly all leads. If I count there are only four or five active followers who are contributing :)
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    Do men and women approach dancing differently

    Based on the other post Chris wrote and observations, I wonder if men and women approach dancing or interactions differently. I think I would be speaking for most men, that if I were to dance 5 dances consecutively with a same girl (more so when I barely know her), there is a very high...
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    Vienna salsa congress

    Other than thepresenceon2 and me, who else from SF is attending the Vienna Salsa Congress (VSC). If the pre-party from last night is anything to go by, this could shape up to be a good one. I got lazy after the experiences of other pre-parties this year and went only for the last hour. The place...
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    Silence or lack of leadership in salsa dancing community?

    May be I am imagining but I think there is a distinct lack of leadership in salsa dancing community. Whether it is at international level or very local level. I am not advocating any structure but rather a lack of voice from those who could lend one. Of course I am narrowing it to dancing only...
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    Salsa life - men vs women

    i don’t want to make this controversial. My empirical observations and experience suggests that the men tend to stay active in salsa dancing far longer than women. I know many followers in my local scene that have completely disappear. I know far fewer men that have. None of my fave followers...
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    Dancing a whole song without spins..

    Can you or have you danced entire song without leading in-place outside or inside turn/spins? A traveling turn or ending move with a turn is okay. Only applies to linear/slot style leaders.
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    Just noticed accidentally, I graduated to !Wepa

    It is getting lonelier. Where have the other old timers disappeared!! Wait! I am an old timer now????:wacky:
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    Telling My Parents About My Boyfriend (youtube vide) - Funny!

    Came across this one when I launched youtube to watch Aditya's performance!
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    Connection in dancing

    When searching for festivals, I came across this well written article on connection and intimacy in context of partner dancing. It is worth a read. I would have liked to post the article here but since it...
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    Bug in system? Logs out while browsing the forums

    Is there a new bug in the system. For the past week, I get randomly logged out after reading a post. This usually happens few minutes after I first log in. I have been logging in twice. Anyone else experiencing anything similar?
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    What is Mambo

    Let the great debate begin :) What is mambo genre? It is a word use much like "salsa". Hard to nail down and can mean different things to different people. Feel free to post videos to support your pov.
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    Thoughts and reflections on Amsterdam/Warsaw SF Experience

    This was my first experience of European festival circuit. To sum it up in one word it was - amazing!! One of the best part was the opportunity to socialize and bond with other salsa forum members. Given that Amsterdam was a much smaller event, we had more time to hangout together there than in...
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    Watch Michelle Obama's speech dis-announcing misogny

    Some minutes ago Michelle Obama gave truly powerful and emotional speech. She is right. This is not about politics. And people can't just pass it on as something usual that happens in political campaign. All of her speech is really worth listening to. It is available on the youtube now. Do go...
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    What type of lead are you?

    At a recent class (not a salsa class, but applied to any partner dancing), the instructor led the class through four different types of exercises: 1. The lead initiates the with intent, and follows through with execution, and finishes it. (in this the leader goes through the move without...
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    Excellent article: The Emotional Tightrope Women Constantly Walk

    Hillary Clinton Exposed The Emotional Tightrope Women Constantly Walk Very good must read. I have witnessed a similar tight rope walking my friends and colleagues have to do sometimes.
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    El Sol Warsaw rollcall (& Amsterdam)

    Since at least half a dozen seem to be going to Warsaw, time to start its own thread? What are your travel plans? I looked up the tickets for both Amsterdam and Warsaw, getting them for under $800 from the west coast either way! Is everyone returning on Monday Nov 14th or is it advisable to...
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    Nice attacker was a salsa dancer!

    And he loved salsa dancing and women.
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    Congress/Festival Reviews

    I don't remember a dedicated thread for salsa congresses and festival reviews. It would be good idea to have reviews for various festivals and congresses in one place. I will start off with review of the recently concluded DC congress (aka Capitol Congress). The good things first. 1. Very...