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    Salsa Cities - Australia

    Hello everyone, I am going to be in Sydney sometime in June and perhaps Melbourne too. I was wondering whether anyone here can point out a few good places to dance. There are several places that are on the web. But it is always good to hear from other dancers :) Thanks! :) Rgds, Hock Siew
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    LA Style and Puerto Rican Style

    I was wondering what the difference is between LA style and Puerto Rican style. Here in Kuala Lumpur, quite a number of us dance LA style. However, recently, there were a few leaders visiting town whom I was told danced Puerto Rican style. I didn`t meet them but did talk to some of the girls who...
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    Places to Salsa in Kuala Lumpur

    Re-posted from : - Calling all Malaysians (in Kuala Lumpur)! Here is additional information on the clubs mentioned above. Q-BA Little Havana
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    Music which dictates the dance

    I have a question for the follows (leads are also welcome to give inputs :) ). I was looking at this thread, "Don't think - just dance!!" and was reading the following posting. What I would like to know is, do you ladies find it difficult or less enjoyable to dance On1 on an On2 song and...