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    I was watching a travel program last nite on Singapore's newest hotel. Quite amazing. It got around to the problem of traffic and then stated that, to own a car in Singapore, one must first pay $55,000( a 10 year cover ) before one may own/drive a car !!!!
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    Here's a stat that blew my mind; watching a science program yesterday ! ; an astronomer said "There are 132 BILLION planets the size of earth In just our galaxy " !!.
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    My Falcons will give me a heart attack the way they are on and off form, but was a good game to watch yesterday . Now on to LA..
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    DJ equip.

    I just purchased 2 mixer leads from Gear4Music in York. They were the wrong fit so I called and offered to return same. They offered to send me 2 replacements FREE and keep the ones they sent. Just thought they needed some props. Great selection of stuff and prompt...
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    Ready for some Football ?

    College games begin this Sat. !.. Alabama and Florida.. then 8 days till the Pros :dancingbanana:
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    Carolina Shag

    This NOT salsa , but, if you would like to see the epitome of "smooth", and musical interpretation, go to our Dance Forums,, swing section .
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    I just learned that, the odds of winning the lottery, are 271 million to 1. All you have to do, is pick the right balls ( just like Kate Middleton did ) .
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    Music selection

    I would appreciate some feedback, particularly from DJs , on these songs I have chosen for my next gig ( not firm as of yet ) as to whether they have been overplayed recently.. Chinco... Bongo Vito Rodrigeuz..El milagro un Amor T Puente...Nina Y senora LA Maxima...Pobrecita Grupo Nemus...Tu...
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    If you accidentally locked your dog and wife, in the boot/ trunk of your car, which one when opening the boot/trunk , would be the first one happy to see you ?
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    DID you know that ?

    Just for fun "facts "....add your own That, the Platypus is the only animal that, lays eggs and gives milk ; ( which makes it the only animal, that can make custard ! :D ..
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    Cuban Chrome

    A TV program filmed in Cuba , about the restoration of cars, but, it has some good inside look at Cuban life.. and.. some of the sound track has really good music .Much of it is in spanish
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    I just saw a programme with a Maori who had his face completely covered. It said there was a message in the ink,, I knew immediately what it said,, "Gee, this really F&%^*&% hurt" :eek:
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    Cuban Salsa Nite

    I have tentatively booked a venue ( Honiton, Devon ) for Sat. Aug 20 th.. will confirm next Tues ( 12th July ).. details to follow
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    CUBAN band

    Son Yambu is doing a gig in Beminster ( Devon ) June 30th 7.30 pm
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    From my past experience, in no particular order.... Erik ... No puedo olvidarte Grupo Nemus...Rumba A cali Sonora Soriano...Cardo Y ceniza Ibrahim Ferrer...Que baila usted Willie Chirino...Cucu bra Monchy Rivera...Crianza urbana El Colombia antillano... Pa Colombia Alberto Barros...
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    I guess by now most have heard he died on Thurs morning found in an elevator .sad way to go....
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    For those of you interested in Son, Son Yambu will be playing in Bridport ( Devon ) on Sat March 5th. They go on around 8pm. Details are on the events section Forgot to add, I will be DJing between sets.
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    The group will be playing on Sat. march 5th in Bridport Devon, at the Arts Centre.. They plan to begin around 8pm ( I will be D.Jing between sets ) Tkts at the door
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    Super Bowl

    This is not about the game ( enough said already ) But.. The half time dance routine with Beyonce in front, was the WORST choreg. I've ever seen .. What they need to entertain the crowd, is a good routine in Salsa. After all, this IS a world wide...
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    NEW Salsa class

    New beginner / Improv, class in Feniton/Honiton.. Devon 4 week course. In Cuban style Salsa and Casino . Village hall Feniton... 8 pm . Fri. Jan 29th Info....